Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I'm on a Mission : Smiley 360

 Smiley 360 Members , check your missions! I just got the Cambell's Mission and get to try Campbell's Slow Kettle Style Soups for free!
 The kit includes:
 1 Campbell's Slow Kettle Style Soup of choice
10 coupons to share for $2 off [which should make them free, or really cheap!]
1 Pair of Comfy and fun socks
$1 off digital coupon to share.

I love Smiley 360 missions. They are always for really good products, and sometimes get to try a variety of products for free in one mission... If you haven't signed up yet, you really should. I have gotten A lot of  things to try and tell about! You can sign up here 

The Winners Are....

My Mini Schnauzer Slinky "Santa" is announcing the winners :

Kim Thompson : Tory Burch Inspired Clover Necklace [ your color choice]. Sponsored by Apple of My Eye Jewelry

Ellen Schull : It Works Body Wrap Sponsored by It Works Independent Distributor ~ Kim R

Becca Wilson : Heart On A String Necklace Sponsored by Cautivadora

Bing Bang: Black & White Scarf. Sponsored by Stripeology

Cindy Lackey Montrief: Pendant Necklace [your color choice]. Sponsored by Fancy Frills

Cindy Olsen Jamison:  It Works Body Applicator. Sponsored by Tighten,Tone & Firm in 45

Emily Blewett : Paracord Beaded Bracelet [in pink or black] Sponsored by Custom Weaves

Now, I'm gonna add A twist - if anyone would like to do a Chinese Christmas,and wants to see if someone wants to trade their prize with you, make a post on my page asking if they want to trade. I will check by noon tomorrow to see if anyone has traded, and then email the final winners. If everyone is happy with what they have, be sure to post "I want my prize!"

All prizes must be claimed via email by 6PM EST .

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy Holidays Gift Giveaway

 First and foremost, I want to aplogize to both my readers and these remaining sponsors for the delay in getting these giveaways done. It seems life always gets in the way when I plan to do things a certain way, especially here lately. I want to thank all of the wonderful people who have donated items for this giveaway , as well as all my readers- those who have been here a long time, and those who just found me. I was so excited to be putting these giveaways together for you guys, and I hope I haven't disappointed too many people. It was my first round of big giveaways, and hopefully next time around will go a lot smoother lol. I know I said all the gifts will be received before Christmas, but now that time has gotten away I can't guarantee that. I am making this a quick giveaway so that hopefully most of the prizes will be able to make it out by Christmas, but if they dont- they will still make wonderful "just because" gifts for yourself or someone else . The sponsors will be able to let you know when you should receive it  once the prizes are claimed.

 Here is what we have to win :

A Tory Burch Inspired Clover necklace [you choose the color] sponsored by Apple of My Eye Jewlery
A Paracord Beaded Bracelet in either Black or Pink, Sponsored by Custom Weaves

It Works Body Wrap,Sponsored by It Works Independent Distributor Kim Thompson
This  beautiful scarf, sponsored by Stripeology

Heart On A String Necklace, sponsored by Cautivadora

Pendant Necklace [Your color choice], sponsored by Fancy Frills

Ultimate Body Wrap, sponsored by Tighten,Tone & Firm in 45

Wooohoo! 7 Gifts, 7 winners . Super Easy Entries on Rafflecopter below. It ends at Midnight EST, and I will announce winners shortly thereafter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Due to the race against the clock, all winners must claim prizes with sponsors by Noon tomorrow, I will send emails as well as announce on my page the winners no later than 12:30 Am EST.
* All prizes will be sent from sponsors

Monday, December 17, 2012

An update and opening of next giveaways

 Hey everyone..  Shew where do I begin? The last few days have been a doozy for me and my family. Sick people, sick cars... My car croaked on my fiance yesterday, which sent us both into a sort of depression, considering it was our only car left running. He slept all day and night, and I worried all day and night. Considering he is the only one working outside of the home, I had no clue how we were going to make this work, and with less than a week until he gets his son, and not to mention he works 25 miles away now. We were both stressed about what to do. Amazingly, his brother offered to take him today to look at a car that he knew about , and I just got a phone call from him asking for the insurance phone number, so hopefully that means he will be driving home a new to us car. Fingers crossed. All of this stress has left me a little quiet over here , and I have to make up for that. I still have a few giveaways to do, and considering I am running out of shipping time to ensure everyone will get their prizes before Christmas, I am going to do a contest with multiple winners to give away the last prizes we have.  I will make a separate post for that in a bit.  On a side note, I had the giveaway from, which technically ended yesterday . However, they just  read an email that I sent 3 days ago today - and advertised the giveaway on their site, which made some of their fans unhappy when they saw it had already ended. I have decided to extend that one out until midnight EST  so that everyone can get their entries in. Go HERE to enter that one.  Watch for the next post coming up about the contest. :)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

We have a winner- Mrs.Claus's Crib Candle and Wick Dipper

The winner of the Country Trails Soy Candle Mrs. Claus's Crib and wick dipper is :
   Christie Thompson Lopanec Christie Lopanec- Congratulations!

                 a Rafflecopter giveaway

An email has been sent - Please claim your prize within 24 hours.

 Thanks to everyone who has entered. Be sure to enter the other great giveaways I will have coming up soon ..  I also extended the  Abhair giveaway until tomorrow, so be sure to get your entries in, very low right now.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Gifts For Her Giveaway #3

AbHair .com has been  very kind and offered to sponsor prizes for 4 winners!

The Prizes :

[2 winners]
Chic Flower Hair Pin   Two winners will each win 1 hair pin
  in their color of choice

[2 Winners]


Lady Gaga Hair Bow  Two winners will each win 1 Hair Bow
 in their color choice [two options avail.]

This giveaway will run from now until Saturday 12/15 at midnight.
Winners will have 24 hours to claim prize . Winners will be announced on
 Family Freebies & Savings Facebook page as well as here on the rafflecopter. Emails will be sent with instructions on how to claim the prize, so be sure to check email you use for facebook.
Prizes will be fulfilled by

                      a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pearl Inspired Flash Giveaway

Liam's Loft is sponsoring this  Giveaway with this beautiful Pearl Inspired bracelet and matching ring set
  The giveaway begins now and ends at Midnight EST.  Be sure to thank Liam's Loft for the giveaway :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, December 8, 2012

On the First Day of the Holiday Giveaway....

 Today I received  my candles and goodies from Countrytrail Soy Candles that I won in a giveaway. I was so excited when I opened the carefully packaged box.
They had these candles  packaged snugly in paper and bubble wrap [a bonus! I LOVE bubble wrap lol]

The candles also came with matchbooks attached on top and a very pretty wick dipper.

I was given the scents Reindeer Poop and Spiced Cranberry. I opened the lid and Ohhhhhhhh! The Reindeer Poop smells chocolaty  and the Spiced Cranberry is very Christmasy smelling. I am planning to give these as gifts so have not lit them, but can imagine how delicious they will smell in a house once lit..  I am trying to be good and not light one now!! 

Countrytrail Soy Candles is giving one of you the gift of A Mrs Clause's Crib Candle and a Wick dipper.

"Enjoy the aroma of warm gingerbread cookies and spiced cakes topped with hints of sugared cinnamon  and drizzled with icing. Everything you would expect Mrs. Claus to be baking in her Crib!"

This Giveaway is the start of the Holiday Gift for Her Giveaway and will run until Saturday 12/15 at midnight.
If you can't wait till it's over, CountryTrail does have these candles on sale for just $10 through tomorrow.

Enter using the rafflecopter below

                                                            a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway from Liam's Loft

Liam's Loft [ one of the sponsors for our upcoming Holiday Gifts for Her Giveaway] is hosting a multi-vendor giveaway  this weekend, which ends tomorrow. She has some fabulous things from various businesses that you could win! Be sure to like her facebook page and read more HERE to enter her giveaway!

Girlfriends and Purses Giveaway

This review was done by Sweet N Sour Deals:
I recently ran across a fabulous website called Girlfriends and Purses. As soon as I saw it I wanted to know more about it so I contacted them and met Stephanie who has allowed me to do this review/giveaway for you. Stephanie Drane started Girlfriends and Purses in 2010 because she was looking for a direct sales company that had a product that excited her. Stephanie has a huge passion for purses but could not find a purse company that had a good vaariety that she would actually carry, so from that she started Girlfriends and Purses. Girlfriends and Purses provide unique purses from hobos, satchels, clutches to fashion handbags and accessories. There are so many different items to choose from such as jewelry to caps to a beautiful purse. Girlfriends and Purses now have consultants across the United States and Canada. Stephanie says "The purse party industry isn't saturated, so this is a great time for women who have a passion for purses to be their own bosses! They earn forty percent commission, and have a replicated site." Now that you know a little about Girlfriends and Purses let me tell you about the wonderful purse I was sent to review.
I was sent the Ruffled Royalty and I love it!! It is a beautiful white with ruffles on the front and under the ruffles is a deep dark purple. It has silver hardware and a braided handle. The interior is lined in a silk purple lining with a cell phone pocket and a zippered pocket. This purse is so soft it feels like a lamb skin or a real supple soft leather. It will be easy to clean and take care of as you can just wipe it off. I was very impressed with the quality of this purse and it is now one of my favorite purses. I will carry this purse year round.
Now for the fun part, Stephanie has agreed to give one lucky fan a new Embellished Textured Leather and Ostrich Cross Organizer Flat Wallet. Please use the rafflecopter below to enter...Good Luck!!!
Disclosure: This review was conducted by Sweet N Sour Deals. I have  not received compensation for this giveaway. Facebook is in no way associated with this giveaway. The prize fulfillment will be made by Girlfriends and Purses

Friday, December 7, 2012

Victoria's Secret Red Hot Giveaway

Victoria's Secret Just posted this NEW giveaway on their page.
It's a Pinterest Giveaway.
You could win a $1,000 $500 or $100 VSX Shopping Spree!! I have never owned anything from them, but have wanted to for years , so this would be awesome to win!!

 Start pinning in the Red Hot Holiday Countdown.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Old Navy Style Council- Dress Sample & Review

click to expand

I had a fabulous time browsing through Old Navy's Dress collection. My Kingsport,TN store had a great selection. I saw each dress that was advertised on the website . My fiance went with me to help me pick out the perfect dress.He chose a sweater "dress". I wasn't really fond of how it looked on me, and was unsure it would be considered a "sweater dress" I'm short, that's why it fit me like a dress.. It needed some leggings- which I looked at and didn't like.When we went to checkout the coupon scanned as an ineligible item. The cashier said she didn't know why, but it had run up as a tunic.:) The store manager then come over and looked at the coupon. To my surprise he opened a binder and turned to the back of it and there was a copy of my coupon. I have used sample and share coupons there three times now, and each time no one has ever heard of crowd tap or the coupon. I told the manager I was impressed. He then got real excited and asked if he could show me the dress collection they had. AS he walked me through the store he made the comment " There was only 1,000 of these coupons distributed nationally" I told him I was not aware of the exact number, but since I have been a member of the Style Council I have gotten many perks , and always use them in that same store. He told me how glad he was to have me in his store, and took me to each display of dresses, explaining how his wife would pair the tunic I originally picked out with a pair of leggings and knee high boots. He has a lucky wife- he has good taste :) The dress I picked out was the black sweater dress with the cowl neck..  My pictures here won't show justice because my camera/lighting isn't that great, and well we are are own worst critics lol

My fiance really liked another dress, so he surprised me a few days later and brought it home to me as a gift... I'm still unsure about it, and know I need to lose a few more pounds before I will wear it out, but here it is

Thanks to Old Navy and Crowd tap for the chance to try their dresses!  If you love Old Navy and aren't on the style council yet, you really should sign up now! I just got approved for another sample and share for Old Navy Active Wear!
              Sign up for Crowd tap here 

Monday, December 3, 2012

* Sponsors Needed* Holiday Giveaway for Her

 I would like to have a  Giveaway for "Her" . The women who are trying to help with their family's savings by scoring fabulous gifts for those on their list without having to pay a penny out of pocket. I don't expect high dollar gifts, and would think other Ladies wouldn't either, but they wouldn't mind either ;)$10 minimum would be appreciated.
It would start this  Monday [12/10] and end Friday [ 12/14] with   guarantee to be delivered to winner  by Dec 24th .  I am trying to get different businesses to enter, so there can be multiple winners. If interested, please email me at with what you would be willing to "donate" , a retail value and picture of product(s)if possible. Can be one thing or a "gift set" . Any and all would be appreciated.  Thanks :) include your company /page logo or business card photo you would like included. Mandatory entry will be page like.  for $1 extra [per extra link] will include  link[s) of your choice [payable via paypal or amazon gift cards]. Prefer no discount codes,unless for additional orders. This is the season of giving, and I want to help make someone else's Christmas List a little easier to fulfill as many of you have made mine! For those I haven't ordered from already, I promise I have been lurking for a while now :) I would ask that you would share posts to the blog giveaways for the item(s) you are donating.
Please be sure to like my page as well once you are confirmed as a sponsor.
If you are someone who would like to win an awesome gift, leave a comment so potential sponsors will know you are there! :)

Just A Reminder, and Thank You

Last Chance Christmas Cash from Crowdtap

 Last day to redeem Crowdtap Points before Christmas . Grab that Christmas Cash when they restock at 8pm est tonight!

Pick up DInner for 50% off from Domino's

Not sure what to fix for dinner tonight? Don't feel like cooking?  I still have lots to do and don't want to cook once I get all this cleaning done.
 I ordered this Artisan pizza from Domino's for just $4.36 [ prices subject to vary depending on location]  using their 50% off coupon deal.
This can be used for pickup or carry out, but must be $10 or more for delivery [ also can sign up for free trial of shoprunner for free delivery w/valid credit card]
Enter Code 50OFF at checkout for your deal or Click HERE

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Like Avon? This giveaway is for You!!

Missy's Avon Group is giving away a Prize Bundle worth $50 to one lucky person. Entries are quick and easy - Click HERE to enter . Be sure to like Missy's Avon Group  on facebook here .
Contest ends Thursday,11/29.  If you want,tell her I sent ya :)   After you enter, check out her Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals posted on her page . I am headed to order a few stocking stuffers .

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Want to Save Money this Holiday.. Or is Spending A lil More okay?

'Tis the Season to be saving. Fa-ala-la-la-laa. 'Tis the season to be sweeping.Fa-ala-la-la-laa.'Tis the Season to be Earning....
 I want to remind you what instant games to play daily, contests that have winners weekly, and  things to earn daily to save you as much money as you can this Holiday.  
 Word has it that we will spend a billion more this year than last for the holidays, mainly because of the state of the Economy.. My way of thinking is that I should still strive to save as much as possible, and I want to share those things with my readers, other people like me .   I am going to make a page page that will be accessible through a tab at the top of my  blog . How many of you would visit everyday to have a list of all the games and contests to enter all in one place?  This is a system I have been putting in place for myself,and use everyday. I will post on Facebook when new games or contests are available, along with new promotions. Be sure to like Family Freebies & Savings on Facebook and Google to stay up to date with the newest and best quick ways to earn cash/giftcards, and gifts for the Holidays.
 Leave comments letting me know if this is something you would utilize to help you save this Season. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Old Navy Dress - One Reader Will Win!

 As most of you who have been reading my blog for a while know, I am a member of the Old Navy Style Council, thanks to Crowdtap.
  I have gotten to try a few different things for free with Old Navy. Last year when I first joined Crowd Tap I got a Free Old Navy coat for myself and my daughter. During this past spring I got a Free pair of Old Navy shorts for me and my daughter, and this past summer I got  Free summer accessories for myself, my daughter and my niece.
  This fall/winter I am getting an Old Navy dress for FREE- and you could too!
  I was sent these wonderful coupons, one for myself and one for someone else.
These coupons are good for Women's dresses only [not childrens'], so please keep this in mind before entering.

I am looking forward to trying on some of their sweater dresses ..I am thinking something I can wear to a holiday dinner, and to the movies as well.. Something I can pair with boots.  All of us ladies deserve to be treated to something nice for ourselves every once in a while, and that is why I want to give away my extra coupon to one of you ladies!
Entries are going to be super easy, and only require a few things.
 These coupons are only good through 11/21, so this is going to be a quick giveaway- I plan to get the coupon in the mail by tomorrow so that the winner will have plenty of time to get her dress. 

Here's How to enter:
1.) Use this link to join Crowdtap and sign up HERE  [this way you can possibly get these deals for yourself and friends in the future too!]

2.) Take a look at the Old Navy Dresses Here

3.) Leave a comment with which dress you would like to have, as well as the name you signed up under with Crowdtap 

4) Would you agree to take pictures of you dress shopping at Old Navy and a picture of the dress you take home with you, and give me permission to post them on my blog [ ones that you would email me] along with the review of my dress? Please tell me yes or no in the comments. 
[answering no will not affect your odds of winning]
5) Share the facebook post about the giveaway on your page ,or with your friends.

             A winner will be chosen via  sometime this evening
[ not giving a definite time, but will be before 10PM est ], and will be announced on my page and blog. The winner will have until Midnight to contact me either via fb message or email with their mailing info .  I will get the coupon in the mail tomorrow!

* If you are already a member of Crowdtap and got the Old Navy Dresses offer, please do not try to win this, this is for someone who has not already gotten one! Please be fair :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hurry! Grab your Guaranteed Freebie!

 It's rare that I find a freebie that gets me so excited that I call up my honey at work, my Mom, and anyone else I know who would want to get it too . I found that today, and am about to share it with you all, my readers.
   You may have already seen this posted throughout Face book. I had seen it posted all day, and just now decided to try it out . I am talking about the Coupon Network Grab Bag Sweepstakes.  I just won two Movie tickets up to $26 to the theater of my choice.
This excites me so much because it doesn't expire until Februaury of 2013. My Faince also was able to grab the same prize under his name, so this means free movies for my whole family!!  What a better time for it- with the Holidays coming up there will be all kinds of good new movies playing, and probably a few good ones in 3D. Instead of spending the usual $50+ for all of us to go to the movies, we will have to spend maybe $20 for concessions.  Can't beat that!! If you haven't grabbed your freebie yet, you better get to grabbing now! I am seeing there are only 2,143 left!!
  Leave me a comment telling me what you win!
Enter Here|Rules

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Superpoints Network - Gone

When I got on my computer this evening I headed straight for the Superpoints Network because today was the day I was going to cash in my 1300 points for paypal cash... Looks like I won't be able to do that , because this is the message that awaited me :
[click on the picture, you will be able to read it, won't let me enlarge it or anything.]

I am so frustrated right now - Not just because of the points that I have lost, but also because of all the referrals I have sent to friends/family /my readers, and Superpoints did not even give any kind of warning about what was about to happen.
  I was on their site at 8 am this morning and everything was as usual, and no warning. Then I get online after 6 pm to a letter saying they are closing the site at 3 pm today .  They no longer have a Face Book or anything else.
  I have been a member of this site over a year, and am very disappointed in how they handled this matter , but I guess there's no point in that either.
  I want to thank all of you who have signed up under me for Superpoints, and I apologize if you have lost points - I only hope you didn't have a large amount saved up .
 Goodbye, Superpoints- You will be missed..

Blogger/Page Admin Wanted

 I have been trying to get my Dear Sister to join me as an admin on my page since I started it over a year ago   because let's face it - I am a night person. I stay up all night and sleep half the day [except the days I don't sleep at all]. I blame all the employers who insisted on me working the night shift :).   My sister is always up early mornings, but is pretty busy , so can't commit to being an active admin.
   With that being said, I am looking for someone who has the time, and the motivation to be an Admin.
 I would like to find someone who is similar to me- Someone who has done their research.. Which means they don't jump on the first "freebie" they see, and instead actually makes sure it is legit.
 I was always told " If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself". I lived by that for a long time . Then I became a manager of a restraunt and realized that Umm.. No, If I want something done right, I will teach someone how to do it.
 Long story short- If you want to help other people save money, get a good deal  and are available during the day [any hours between 7 am and 4 pm],and willing to work WITH me,  please contact me. I may be interested in more than one person. Someone who specifically seeks , finds, and participates in giveaways, contests,deals and blogging are all welcome to contact me. The only Monetary gain at this time would be that great feeling of having helped someone else :)
 I have had this blog/page opened for over a year,with the most activity being in the past 6 -8 months. I have done it all on my own, and feel like the only way to help it grow is to be able to have diverse content, available all throughout the day.
 I admit I am still in the learning process- I could learn from you, as I think you could from me. And maybe we all will benefit in our own ways.
If you would be interested in being an admin please send me an email to, or send me a private message with your blog name [if you have one] and tell me why you would like to be a part of my growing team.  I intend to speak with each person personally via email or chat, and would love to have at least one addition by the end of the week.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce * Review & Giveaway *

 I received my  Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce  a few weeks ago, but wanted to really try it out before doing my review .
After experimenting and using this Steak, Chicken  & Fries sauce for SO much more, I have decided it is my Favorite Sauce ! It can replace Ketchup , replace steak sauces and replace bbq. Depending on what ya use it on.
  Here is my  favorite dish I have used it on :
Sorry  for the not so neat plating and placement, but we were having the late night "munchies" and just threw this together , I thought of the pic for the review after.
      On the Plate is some fresh  venison that my fiance had literally just gotten through butchering for a friend , along with potato skins  and crispy fries on the side. Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce across the top,
      YUM! Is the best word to describe it .  The venison did not taste gamey at all , even though it was freshly cut - I was in awe. Country Bob's   made the flavor more than edible . We couldn't get enough of it! It also makes a great  replacement for Ketchup on the fries.  The taste is so unique and versatile that I am now contemplating NOT giving my Mother the second bottle I have  since I am almost out of the first one!
 Don't worry, Mom - I wouldn't do that , You must experience the Goodness of Country Bob's .Speaking of, not only will my Mom get a Bottle to try,  I am very happy to say that  I have teamed up with Al over at Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce  to give  one more  lucky reader 2 FREE bottles of this delicious sauce!
 All you have to do is enter on the Rafflecopter below . Do  the mandatory entries, and to better your odds, do the tasks for extra entries as well. All mandatory entries will be verified before announcing winner.
 Be sure to share with your friends each day for more entries .

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was compensated for this review in the form of free product[s] from the Sponsor. However, I only review items or services I have personally used  think would be of interest to my readers.
Thank You, Country Bob's!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Statement about Hurricane Sandy

What a year this year has been so far. Many areas across the US and beyond have been affected by nasty weather and other emergencies.
 Hurricane Irene has already flooded out and snowed in many people across the East Coast.
 My area is just now beginning to get the weather. We have bitter cold temps and the rain is just now starting to turn into snow. At this time my area is just expected to get up to 3 inches over night, continuing into Wednesday.  I know that is not as bad or life threatening as it has been to  other areas along the East Coast, and my heart and prayers go out to those being affected and their families.
I have family in Maryland and South West Virginia that are undergoing hard hits . I hope my family and yours stays safe and warm during this devastating weather.
Tip: if you have drafty areas in your house, take newspaper and fold the pages longways, and stick into any gaps in the door or windows. This will help keep the heat in and prevent you from having to turn the heat up [if you have electric heat], saving on your energy bill  a little bit.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

New Survey Site - My Favorite!

 Today I want to tell you all about a survey site I recently found.[I have my fiance's best friend to think for this one.]
 The site is called Instant Cash Sweepstakes .  I am not big on taking surveys, even though I am signed up to a LOT of survey sites.  Instant Cash Sweepstakes is by far my favorite. You never get disqualified from a survey- and the surveys are very short - just 3-4 questions. They are more like polls. So how does it work?
 You click any of the Instant Cash Sweepstakes links I have posted in here, and sign up  then you will instantly get surveys to complete.  A lot of the time you will just win tickets and coins. I usually get multipliers which double or triple my tickets and coins. If you get a survey with questions you have answered before and answer it exactly the same as you did before, your winnings will be doubled or tripled, guaranteed.  
   Once you start doing the surveys regularly you will get cash for doing them. I get anywhere between $.01-$.03 at least a few times  a day.  I know that doesn't sound like much, but the cool thing is you can cash out to pay pal once you have earned only $2 !
  They will only let you do so many surveys in a row, and then they will make you take a break and come back in a couple hours for more. So, you basically just spend 5-10 minutes each time , if that .
 So what are tickets and coins for ?  Every day at 8 Pm est they have a drawing for $50 - all of your tickets will automatically be entered for the $50 each day [ so after the drawing you will have 0 tickets until you do your next survey]. You can take your coins and either enter some or all of them into a drawing [which occurs every 4 hours] for $2 , OR you can use them to buy more tickets to be used for the $50 drawing.
 Instant Cash Sweepstakes is the most fun survey site I have ever used, and I don't think a lot of people know about it , so be sure that once you sign up you tell your friends about it - Once they start earning instant cash you will get the same amount of cash that they earn every time - there is no cap on how much you can win from referrals.  You won't get $50 if they win the $50 sweepstakes, but you will win whatever cash they get from surveys, and you will be matched with the $2 if they win it in the drawing.
 I have only been doing it a week and have almost gotten the $2 to cash out with, and am earning more and more tickets each day towards the $50.  I typically have anywhere between 1500 tickets [without using my coins to buy more] and have had up to 10,000 tickets [using my coins to buy more] entered for the big draw.
   Have I convinced you yet? If so, sign up by clicking HERE and start earning cash today! Be sure to tell your other frugal friends, and if you have any questions, ask away and I will help as much as I can!
  Sign UpRules

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Have Naturally curly hair? This is for US!

  I have been posting many giveaways from NaturallyCurly .I have been doing so because I  have naturally curly hair, which can go from looking nice and smooth  to kinky and unruly within 3o mins, depending on the situation. I have tried several frizz- eaze or smoothing products, and even curl enhancers. Honestly, nothing really WORKS. Maybe it's  because I won't pay over $7 for something I haven't already tried. However, once I found Naturallycurly I knew I had found the perfect website for me and other naturally curly haired ladies out there. I suffer from frizz on a daily basis, which takes away from my curls. And tangles- oh my! I can brush/comb my hair and style it, and 30 mins- 1 hr later there's tangles all in it again.
   NaturallyCurly is having 31 days of giveaways and today is day 15.
  Today's Prize is sponsored by Curly Solutions:

  • Curl Keeper 8oz.
  • Slip Detangler 8oz.
  • Silk Shampoo 8oz.
  • Roller Jaw Clamp 12pk.
  • 5 Curl Keeper 1oz.pks.
There will be 2 prizes, with a value of $62 each

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Packaways Plastic Storage Boxes -Review

I recently received this package for review

I was expecting to receive these reusable plastic storage boxes, but was quite surprised at the size of boxes Packways sent to me . 
    They come in all different sizes and colors. I love these bright ones I got.  The coolest thing about these boxes is that you can easily fold them flat for storage . I have all kinds of "stuff" that I had sitting around with no real place to go. I am constantly changing decor and moving things around, so these really come in handy.  When you are ready to use them you simply press on the corner and it automatically folds into place and locks. When empty, just press on the bottom and it folds flat.  These are great for small spaces, storing your seasonal clothes , holiday decorations or anything you can think of.    These also have  2 wipe away panels on them that you can write on with erasable markers . Always know what you have packed away, and when you empty it and put different stuff in the box all you have to do is erase and re- write your contents.  Sure beats brown boxes and duct tape!
           Packaways also has smaller sizes including totes and under the bed boxes.
    ToteUnder Bed

All of their packaway boxes are made in the U.S.A. from durable corrugated plastic, which makes them great for harsh conditions or  long-term storage since moisture and humidity won't effect the integrity of the boxes.
These boxes are more affordable than those big bulky "other" plastic containers that tend to take up so much space [and not fashionable!] If you would like to learn more or check out all their products check out their site:
     I found these boxes to be very good quality and look forward to purchasing some of the totes from them in the future.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Win a pair of Diamond Stud Earrings!

Physicians Formula is having a Boost Your Beauty contest.
Use words, pictures or videos to tell/show them how you boost your beautiful makeup looks. You can enter as many times as you want through December 16.
  A Grand Prize of  a pair of designer  18k white gold, heart - shaped diamond earrings along with a set of Physician's Formula Skin Care and makeup products will be awarded.
  2 winners will get a pair of 3/8ct tw diamond stud earrings.
  10 people will receive an assortment of Physician's Formula Products.  
Enter Here  Full Rules

Sunday, September 30, 2012

How I got ALL of Christmas for FREE last yr.- Pt.2

One word :
   Swag Bucks
  I did not use swag bucks at all when I first signed up. I just really didn't get how great it was.  My sister was telling me how she bought all of her school books off of Amazon , with money she earned on Swag Bucks. We know how expensive college  books can be.
    Around late October early November I was out of work and Christmas was almost here. I decided I had to earn some money for Christmas presents. I did spend A LOT of time with Swag bucks it seemed, but no more than a few hours at the start of the day , and off and on throughout the day.  I was earning 5 gift cards [ at 450 swag bucks each] every week .  You are only allowed to cash in on 5 on any same denomination for one company. I typically got    5 $5 gift cards . At one point I had a couple of active referrals, which helped- I got bucks whenever they won searching , but once you get 1,000 total bucks from that person you won't earn anymore from them. So the more active people you have , the faster you are going to be able to cash in. During those months I got 5 $5 Amazon Gift Cards and  either 1 $10 card or a 1 $20 Gift Card. a month .So I made anywhere from 25-40 bucks a week to spend on Amazon.  I love Amazon because I can find anything I wanted on there, and Had a promo code for Free Amazon Prime, so I got free two- day shipping on all of my Christmas presents . [ Been looking for one recently, and haven't come across one - hopefully right before Christmas ]

 The easiest and fastest way to earn Swag bucks is by doing these four things :

1) Daily Poll
2) NOSO  - skip all the offers, and put in word at the end
3) search the web using their browser.  Give it a few tries and then you will get a message that you won swag bucks. You generally have to confirm this or enter a captcha.  Be sure to share on your timeline, because that is a good way to get people to sign up under you.

You won't get search wins back to back,  go back after a few hours and  search again . Most days you can get at least 3 wins just for searching [ sometimes more!]

4) Watch videos. You get swag bucks every time your meter gets full [ usually after watching 30 seconds of about 8 videos or so ].

You get $50 Bucks for your Birthday

They don't spam you. I never get emails other to confirm when I cashed in for gift cards, and when it's available.  Or on my birthday. I never buy anything to get swag bucks in return, although there are many options to do so for people who like to online shop  and has the card to do it. 

 You can get swag bucks just for printing their coupons . [once coupons are redeemed in stores]. The possibilites are endless, and you can earn a lot, or just enough. 

   You won't need a credit card this Christmas if you start earning now , trust me.  You don't have to choose between the bills or presents.Pay the bills with the paycheck, and Get Gift Cards to your favorite stores or Amazon and get all the presents for FREE.  However, if you really need the cash , you can also get PayPal Gift Cards and have the cash put straight in the bank or on your prepaid card .

Are you ready to sign up and start earning? Click here :Sign Up. Take 10 minutes and make some money today.  If you have any questions ask away and I will help the best I can.
 Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered  to win the $10 Sephora Gift Card I won yesterday [ along with the people who commented on the Getting to know me ]

 Just comment telling me if you already use Swagbucks, or if you just signed up :) Get entries in before 8PM est . Winner will be emailed after Once Upon A Time and Revenge Go off :)

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Getting to know me and my page

Hi there,
  My name is Tammy- Blog & Page Owner,Admin. I do everything myself.
 That's why some days there are little to no posts, or a lot dispersed  throughout the day.

   I started this blog because I love getting freebies and wanted to share what I find with other freebie lovers.It started out with me always having free items I find sent to both me and my Mom because she's not on Facebook . She is a loyal customer to most of the companies that offer high value coupons or free products and samples, so I don't feel like she should have to miss out on these great deals that could help her save some money on products she's spent a lot of money on over the years. So I use my Facebook or my fiance's Facebook to send her the same things I get . Just depends on what the official rules are for everything. 

 * Most freebies have the rule that one prize/coupon per person per email and/or facebook account and per address. 

If it's one per Facebook user , I will use my fiance's Facebook  name to have it sent to my Mom's house for her. I don't see that as being dishonest since I am only getting the one free item [using my personal Facebook].People  should never enter in contests using their Facebook Page name ;only from their personal page; and follow what the rules say.

 Whoever said that "Nothing in life is free" just hadn't met me. 
 I know there are a lot of different pages and blogs out there, and I am here to tell you what makes Me different from the rest: *please continue reading- I know I am very detailed, or wordy .. hence my blog name.

  When I say FREE, I mean free- no shipping or handling= $0 Total. This is why you may not see a lot of "freebie" posts from me.. I check ALL FREE links that I post to make sure they work and are really free. I do post non free items , such as low cost shipping only, or low cost item with free shipping. You also won't see a lot of coupons posted here. Why? Well, I just don't have the patience for couponing. I am not an extreme couponer ; but I do follow blogs that are;so I always look for High Value coupons for myself, because after reading their scenarios I will learn who has what on sale so that I will know where to use my High Value coupon at to get the items FREE or really cheap. I only share the work that I did- which was find the High Value coupon. I will tell you where it is on sale at too if I know.  If match-ups are something that you are interested in but can never remember which site you follow that does them, leave me a comment and I will tell you my favorite sites for coupon/store match-ups. and you can search for their Deals with store match-ups . Yeah, it gets complicated, that's why I will stick with what I know best, but will always search to find ya the best one (s) to follow.

Please remember that most of what I post is personally typed out for you. I don't copy and paste much, but do Tag the Brand or business page where I find the freebies . This means you will need to:

 1.) click their name , which is a link to their page; or click on the bottom of my post where the link by the picture is. 

2.) LIKE the page. That is always a must . Don't try to get something for free and not even be a fan of the page. That's disrespectful to that brand, in my opinion.

* Freebies sometimes can take as long as 8 weeks to get to you, especially if it was a big giveaway [ thousands of samples or products sent out, instead of just a few hundred], or if you are new at getting freebies.  It will take a few months to get your first freebie in the mail, unless it is a small giveaway with only a few hundred or select number winning the freebie [ then you will get it in the mail anywhere between a few days to about 2-3 weeks.] 

Find the Giveaway Tab at the top of the page or a link in a post on their page for the giveaway.
  *posting your info in a comment on my page will not get you the freebie. Posting your email address or mailing address on their page anywhere will not get you the freebie, and is not safe for you - think possible identity theft. 
Always read the company's most recent post [look at the time they posted it] and follow the directions on how to enter.  If they use the giveaway tab, I will direct link you to the entry form so that can like the page and sign up quickly.

3.)Read the rules, they will tell you when products will be shipped, if you will get an email, or any kind of conformation if you win. 
4) Tell them thank you for the freebie .. and don't get attitude if you don't win, because they didn't have to offer anything for free at all. Chances are they will do another giveaway on a different day.  The more you enter, or the faster you are- the best chances you have to win or snag the prize.

* Please do not unlike  the company page. After all, if it was a brand you didn't like you wouldn't want the free product or coupon anyways.. Would you? Most big name companies have multiple freebies, coupons and giveaways throughout the months, seasons .weeks and days, so keeping them in your feed gives you more chance of getting freebies! 

5) Pay attention to my post, and see if it says I shared a link. Click the word link, this will take you straight to where you need to go to read how to enter- This is their post on the Their Facebook Page.

The only time you will ever receive an item straight from me is if I state that I will be mailing it or emailing it to you.  If it is email , I will do so within 24 hours from the time the Giveaway ended . If it is Post Office Mail, I will tell you the day I ship them which is usually within 1-3 days, depending on the day the giveaway ends.

I will never do a month long giveaway unless it is a blogger giveaway, which means a lot of bloggers will all be posting the same giveaway with the same raffle-copter which means a LOT of entries .  I don't personally enter a lot of those giveaways myself because I usually feel like I don't have as much of a chance to win, and it's not something I really Need . I also don't enter in big ticket items, and rarely will host a high ticket giveaway for my blog or other bloggers. That doesn't mean never though.
I am never going to invest my personal money into getting any freebies or prizes. [Unless it's a product or item I would already be purchasing, and at a small price w/ free shipping]

If I do "pay" to do or host a blogger giveaway  it would be paid with Gift Cards that I earn for FREE, and something I know would interest my readers. I will only host Giveaways that aren't for free prizes for companies that have decent prices, or something that would make a good gift, depending on the season. 

I post reviews ONLY on items that I have personally tried out or used myself. I post honestly , even if it's not that great of an opinion. After all, it's just my opinion. I will only do product reviews that are  requested directly from the company  and that I have received a sample of . Not only is this my compensation, but I cannot give an honest review without having tried the product, or seen it myself- and I can't have a real opinion . That's what a review is supposed to be. I won't work with shady people who won't provide email addresses or links to the direct site. 

This makes mine and your  experiences with the brand or company that much better. 

I will have giveaways sponsored by other companies.  Currently, I prefer small business giveaways because I know those people are consumer friendly, and look to the winners and entrants of a giveaway as potential customers. Most of these businesses will do giveaways and games  as well where you can get freebies. I have won several samples,coupons and great products this way.  Several will offer discounts for purchases as a prize. I generally don't like to do this unless I know that page will be having freebies on their page - doesn't matter how small ... this gives everyone a chance to sample something before having to buy. In most cases turns into a new customer, who is going to Want that discount prize . 
 All my giveaways are done using raffle-copter, so a giveaway [from me] could be anywhere from a couple days to a week. A *flash* giveaway  will be anywhere from 2-4 hours.  I do not hand - pick the winners [ unless I do a comment contest in the future]. They are picked by Random.Org automatically on the raffle-copter.

If I do a review and/or giveaway from Tomoson [this will always be disclosed at the bottom of the blog post], then I received an item for free from the company directly [generally the CEO or owner]. I will post my own pictures of the item, and anything they require me to in return. All items you say you do must be done, or prize is forfeited if you were picked as a winner.The prizes will be sent from the company to you directly. I will provide them with your email and/or mailing address within 24 hours after I receive it from you. You may get emails from them when it ships, and you will get an email from me when/if I know it has shipped. I am not responsible for when they ship the item, how long it takes to receive it,  or anything else. Once I have said the item is shipped, my relationship with the company has ended , until  possible later reviews. I will do my best to make sure you receive the products that I have reviewed for them get to you .

Always leave a comment when you have received an item you won from my page , please.

  Shew- I know, that was a lot of talking! I'm about done, I promise.

I will also share recipes , crafts, tips, and other things cool or funny or budget friendly on my page and sometimes blog.

To everyone who made it to the end of this post : Thanks for reading, and I hope this makes you appreciate and understand my page and blog better. 

    If you use Sephora products and would like to have the $10 gift card I won from them       yesterday, leave a comment under this post . Tell me what you will use the $10 on from Sephora and I will pick a winner by this time tomorrow . That way everyone has a chance to comment that would like to have it. 
Winner will be emailed to email addy used when commenting, so be sure to look for the post from me titled  " Check your Email. See if you are a winner".  Please comment back within 6 hours to let me know you got the code.  [ Be sure to check spam box!]

Daisypath Christmas tickers

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How I Bought ALL of my Christmas FREE last year - Pt.1

 I don't know about you guys, but every year around this time I start to get anxious when I see the christmas stuff going up in the stores.  Summer is barely over, but Christmas is right around the corner..90 days away, to be exact. I know , I know - who wants to be thinking about that NOW? After all, we still have Halloween [for those who participate] and Thanksgiving to make it through.  Let's face it- the economy has gotten worse , and it's gotten harder for  a lot of people [myself included] to be able to afford Christmas gifts. Last year I was out of work when Christmas was only a month away and was getting sick trying to figure out how in the world I was going to be able to get Christmas for my kids. That's when my sister told me about a couple sites she used to earn money with. I spent HOURS a day on the net earning Amazon Gift Cards and Pay Pal Cash , and within that month I had enough money saved up to buy EVERYONE's Christmas gifts - I even got to splurge more than I had the year before!! However, after spending so much time doing what became "work" I got a little burned out on it all, and told myself that "next year" [now current time] I would start earning and saving at least 4 months in advance. Think of how much more I would be able to do with that time frame to save!
 With that being said, I am going to share the BEST sites I have come across - and use daily where you can earn FREE Money for your holiday shopping.  These do require dedication , but only a little bit of your time each day that you would otherwise be spending online Facebooking or something anyway. Several of you may already use the tools I am going to discuss, and if you do - GREAT! Please leave comments so that those who haven't tried them out yet will get to hear how great they truly are!

The first one I want to talk about is SuperPoints Network.  This site is all about connecting friends to earn rewards. You can earn all kinds of different gift cards[I always get Amazon], Pay Pal Cash , electronics, toys and even cars.  This is an invite only Network.  When you join via an invite that person becomes your "sponsor", and depending on their member level can earn points when you do. Your member level is based upon your network. The more people in your network, the more you can earn, and the faster you will be able to cash in your points.  How do you earn points? The only things I have been doing for the past year is checking my email - The only email you will ever get is points emails. I usually get 1-2 a day . It will simply say you have points and you click the link to claim your points. Easy huh? The other way I earn points is by spinning the Super Lucky Button. It depends on your level as to how many spins you get. I am still just a basic member , so I get 30 spins a day. Some days I only win once in 30, but today I won 3 x's for a total of 15 points.  You can also watch videos and do surveys if you want to .I have earned enough for one gift card a month just by spinning and claiming my emailed points.  I have an invite code for anyone who would like to join the SuperPoints Network.   Follow this link   . The code is good for the first 10 people who click on it.  If you claim it, please comment on this post  and after they are claimed I will make a post for you all to leave invite links and help grow your network!  
           Tune in tomorrow - I will tell you all about my most favorite site to earn from!

Christmas countdown banner

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Easy [and cheap] DIY Charlie Brown Costume for Baby

  This post is for reader Priscilla Hill, and anyone else who may be interested in dressing up your baby or toddler as Charlie Brown for Halloween.
    Halloween costumes can be expensive , and when you have a baby or toddler it just doesn't seem right to spend a small fortune on something they will only be able to wear once. After a little searching I was able to find a post on to make the costume yourself, while saving a lot of money.

Here's what you will need :

1) A basic yellow t-shirt or onesie [ anywhere from a couple bucks - $6 for a pack of 3 or more from walmart or k-mart]
2)  Pair of black pants or shorts [ just a few dollars, if you don't already own]
3) black felt
4) double- sided tape, hot glue gun or needle and thread :)
5) Snoopy Plush toy  *optional*

total spent shouldn't be more than $10-$12  [ the cheapest "costume " I found was $14.95 with $4.97 shipping, making it  $19.92]

If you don't already have a Snoopy plush , I found this really cute ty beanie baby on Amazon :
Ty Beanie Baby Snoopy with Soundpriced at $5.99 w/ free shipping. Get it here : TY Beanie Baby Snoopy w/ Sound 

Ok, so onto the costume:

Cut the felt into zig zag shapes and adhere onto the yellow shirt or onesie  using double - sided tape, a glue gun or sew them on.

It should then look something like this
Peanuts Charlie Brown Costume Yellow Infant Baby Onesie Romper
Add the black pants or shorts, and have baby holding snoopy- and Viola! You have an inexpensive , easy to make Charlie Brown costume!

Here's a cute pic I find to show the overall look  :

Friday, September 21, 2012

FREE t- Shirt!

 Would you like a totally FREE t-shirt? Sign up to be a beta  tester of a new social network called Thit! expected to launch around the first of the new year and they will send you a Thit! t- shirt for FREE! .
   Go here :   and type in this invite code [ make sure there are no spaces ]:

RiTd1H. You will then fill out your shipping info and it will be yours!  It asks for a cell phone number, but you don't have to fill in that part. If you would like to find out more about Thit! click here :  

Let me know if you get yours!! :)

Birthday Flowers .. The Winner is

The Winner is ....

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congrats!! Please send me an email to  with the name and address of the person you want these sent to . Please respond asap so that I can get the info forwarded to the sponsor . Once they have sent them out I will let you know [not positive if they will email you  as well or not ]

I hope these flowers really make someone's day :)