Monday, December 17, 2012

An update and opening of next giveaways

 Hey everyone..  Shew where do I begin? The last few days have been a doozy for me and my family. Sick people, sick cars... My car croaked on my fiance yesterday, which sent us both into a sort of depression, considering it was our only car left running. He slept all day and night, and I worried all day and night. Considering he is the only one working outside of the home, I had no clue how we were going to make this work, and with less than a week until he gets his son, and not to mention he works 25 miles away now. We were both stressed about what to do. Amazingly, his brother offered to take him today to look at a car that he knew about , and I just got a phone call from him asking for the insurance phone number, so hopefully that means he will be driving home a new to us car. Fingers crossed. All of this stress has left me a little quiet over here , and I have to make up for that. I still have a few giveaways to do, and considering I am running out of shipping time to ensure everyone will get their prizes before Christmas, I am going to do a contest with multiple winners to give away the last prizes we have.  I will make a separate post for that in a bit.  On a side note, I had the giveaway from, which technically ended yesterday . However, they just  read an email that I sent 3 days ago today - and advertised the giveaway on their site, which made some of their fans unhappy when they saw it had already ended. I have decided to extend that one out until midnight EST  so that everyone can get their entries in. Go HERE to enter that one.  Watch for the next post coming up about the contest. :)