Monday, November 12, 2012

Hurry! Grab your Guaranteed Freebie!

 It's rare that I find a freebie that gets me so excited that I call up my honey at work, my Mom, and anyone else I know who would want to get it too . I found that today, and am about to share it with you all, my readers.
   You may have already seen this posted throughout Face book. I had seen it posted all day, and just now decided to try it out . I am talking about the Coupon Network Grab Bag Sweepstakes.  I just won two Movie tickets up to $26 to the theater of my choice.
This excites me so much because it doesn't expire until Februaury of 2013. My Faince also was able to grab the same prize under his name, so this means free movies for my whole family!!  What a better time for it- with the Holidays coming up there will be all kinds of good new movies playing, and probably a few good ones in 3D. Instead of spending the usual $50+ for all of us to go to the movies, we will have to spend maybe $20 for concessions.  Can't beat that!! If you haven't grabbed your freebie yet, you better get to grabbing now! I am seeing there are only 2,143 left!!
  Leave me a comment telling me what you win!
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  1. Won a 1.30 off coupon on broth stock