Thursday, May 31, 2012

Here Are The Deals

               Today I had to run a few errands and had a couple of coupons that were going to expire soon , and they were such GREAT deals I would be CRAZY not to use them [ Not to mention wasteful]
                                                         First stop was Walgreen's
                                                  This is an enlarged 8X10 photo.
                                                  Regular Price : $2.99
                                                  I Paid :             $0.00
           This was an offer that Walgreen's had on Mother's Day Weekend for a free 8x10,
             which I ordered online and chose pickup . [and they were calling me all week to come get lol]

                                                        Next Stop : Sears

Nordic Track Fitness Ball -55cm 
                                                           Regular Price : $12.99
                                                            I Paid :            $0.00
                  This is officially my most  favorite freebie EVER!  This was an offer from earlier this month from Fitness Studio. New Sign ups [Free] Got a coupon for a FREE fitness ball. As you can see, I haven't put it together eh- inflated it- yet, but I have told myself this is ONE piece of workout equipment I WILL use. I have wanted one of those for so long, and was really impressed that it was such a good brand as well.

                                                               Final Stop : Wal-Mart
Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom Novelty Bars, Banana Split & Butter Pecan Ice Creams
Regular Price : $3.98 [Bars]
    $3.78 [Cartons -with snap tight lids!]
Coupon : FREE x's 3
                                                            Softlips Pearl Gloss
                                                            Regular Price : $1.98
                                                            Coupon : FREE
How :  The Ice Cream is for the House Party I am hosting that is sponsored by Blue Bunny, and The softlips I won in a Facebook giveaway a few months ago.
                                       Total I Paid at Walmart was $1.05 .
 Yep . I kinda just looked at her for a minute , and asked how, since all of my coupons were FREE products [I was really kinda scared to ask because of the horror stories I have heard about Wal-Mart and coupons]. Her reply : "You have to pay taxes" She said it kind of snidely, so I nicely informed her that I have never paid taxes on any free product coupons that I've redeemed [and I haven't!] and I HAVE redeemed a couple at that very Wal-Mart before. I didn't tell her that part because, well I didn't want her to yell a "code TLC" or anything over the loudspeaker lol.

                                                      Total Saved : $29.50
For those of you who have made it this far, I still have one FREE product coupon that I have not been able to find in any of my stores. Expires 12/21/2012
 The first person who wants this [make sure there's a store near you that sells them]. Leave me a comment under here and I will mail you this coupon . Will get your info later.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What is Gluten Free Anyways?: A Red Apple Lipstick ❦ Review

"A gluten-free diet is a return to foods that are good for you", says Shannon Rentz, RD, LD, adult clinical outpatient dietitian at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland.
I am getting excited because my newest discovery- and one I'm most proud of - is Gluten Free Makeup . The first thing I discovered was lipstick.  I stumbled across a giveaway within my first months  of  having Family Freebies . It was an interactive one asking for Name ideas of their newest line of Red Apple Lipstick(s ). [I'm sorry, I don't remember how I discovered them ]

 Red Apple was having a "Name that Lipstick Contest"for thei Summer Passion Line . I remember I got so excited , [ What woman doesn't want FREE lipstick? ] and the color they had posted was a pretty pinkish- red, like the Strawberry Daiquiri I was drinking, so that was my name suggestion . I was picked as a winner, but the Grand Prize Winner [ my name is not the new Lipsticks color! } was Boy' n Berries™ .  I still got to pick a FULL - SIZE lipstick for any color from the New  Summer Passion Line ,and  I got the Boy 'n Berries™
This is a Very pretty color. At first I thought it was a little too light for me , but I realized it looked really good , and it was pretty cool to be picked to get it for FREE, without my made -up  name being picked. 
 Thanks, Red Apple Lipstick 
This lipstick not only lasted for hours on my lips, with just enough shine , but moisturized too ! The lipstick is what started my [tryin' to be] Gluten-Free Life
 Keep a watch on the Red Apple Lipstick Page for your chance to name their new eyeshadow!! 
That includes a chance to win the newly named eye shade for FREE


Monday, May 28, 2012

Flip-Flop Brigade® | TerraCycle

Flip-Flop Brigade® | TerraCycle

If you're anything like me and my teenage daughter, you have several pairs of flip flops. Work flip flops, beach flip flops, driving flip flops, around the house flip flops. You get the point.  Earlier as I was organizing my shoes, putting up the winter and bringing out the summer,I realized I don't really own  a lot of flip flops, but there's at least one pair  I don't wear at all.
 My daughter on the other hand, she has a few pairs she's willing to let go of [ she would not allow me to post a picture of her shoes ]. I agreed to respect her shoe privacy - she can  let me know later if she changes her mind .
 What convinced her to finally give up those flip flops that she can  barely even fit in anymore, or the ones that have seen better days , was a post by Old Navy about the Flip Flop Brigade with Terra Cycle.. "For every shipment of 25 pairs of flip-flops received (about 18 pounds), you will receive exclusive coupons from Old Navy to distribute to the participants who helped you collect."
 So I signed up . We don't have 25 pairs, but between my daughter's friends and hopefully some others out there on Facebook will be willing to donate their flip-flops! If even one pair, you could fit in  a large envelope and throw 1-2 stamps on it, send it to me and I will box up all the shoes I receive and send it to Terra Cycle, and share the Old Navy coupons I am sent in return with everyone who sent me flip flops! Win Win : We save some money , AND help make the environment better by recycling . To read all the details on how it works , Click the link at the very top of this post.  If you want to join my brigade, leave me a comment