Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How I Bought ALL of my Christmas FREE last year - Pt.1

 I don't know about you guys, but every year around this time I start to get anxious when I see the christmas stuff going up in the stores.  Summer is barely over, but Christmas is right around the corner..90 days away, to be exact. I know , I know - who wants to be thinking about that NOW? After all, we still have Halloween [for those who participate] and Thanksgiving to make it through.  Let's face it- the economy has gotten worse , and it's gotten harder for  a lot of people [myself included] to be able to afford Christmas gifts. Last year I was out of work when Christmas was only a month away and was getting sick trying to figure out how in the world I was going to be able to get Christmas for my kids. That's when my sister told me about a couple sites she used to earn money with. I spent HOURS a day on the net earning Amazon Gift Cards and Pay Pal Cash , and within that month I had enough money saved up to buy EVERYONE's Christmas gifts - I even got to splurge more than I had the year before!! However, after spending so much time doing what became "work" I got a little burned out on it all, and told myself that "next year" [now current time] I would start earning and saving at least 4 months in advance. Think of how much more I would be able to do with that time frame to save!
 With that being said, I am going to share the BEST sites I have come across - and use daily where you can earn FREE Money for your holiday shopping.  These do require dedication , but only a little bit of your time each day that you would otherwise be spending online Facebooking or something anyway. Several of you may already use the tools I am going to discuss, and if you do - GREAT! Please leave comments so that those who haven't tried them out yet will get to hear how great they truly are!

The first one I want to talk about is SuperPoints Network.  This site is all about connecting friends to earn rewards. You can earn all kinds of different gift cards[I always get Amazon], Pay Pal Cash , electronics, toys and even cars.  This is an invite only Network.  When you join via an invite that person becomes your "sponsor", and depending on their member level can earn points when you do. Your member level is based upon your network. The more people in your network, the more you can earn, and the faster you will be able to cash in your points.  How do you earn points? The only things I have been doing for the past year is checking my email - The only email you will ever get is points emails. I usually get 1-2 a day . It will simply say you have points and you click the link to claim your points. Easy huh? The other way I earn points is by spinning the Super Lucky Button. It depends on your level as to how many spins you get. I am still just a basic member , so I get 30 spins a day. Some days I only win once in 30, but today I won 3 x's for a total of 15 points.  You can also watch videos and do surveys if you want to .I have earned enough for one gift card a month just by spinning and claiming my emailed points.  I have an invite code for anyone who would like to join the SuperPoints Network.   Follow this link   . The code is good for the first 10 people who click on it.  If you claim it, please comment on this post  and after they are claimed I will make a post for you all to leave invite links and help grow your network!  
           Tune in tomorrow - I will tell you all about my most favorite site to earn from!

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  1. I do this website and I only have one referral and she doesn't do anything.

  2. I know, I have been doing it a year and have only one referral who also does nothing lol. I've still been able to earn, but a lot slower than other people I've heard speak about it .

  3. Swag bucks is my favorite one. I just Ned to find time to do it again, was easy when I only had my preschooler but now I have an almost 3 month old too.

  4. yes it is mine too!! and the one im writing about tomorrow....