Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I'm on a Mission : Smiley 360

 Smiley 360 Members , check your missions! I just got the Cambell's Mission and get to try Campbell's Slow Kettle Style Soups for free!
 The kit includes:
 1 Campbell's Slow Kettle Style Soup of choice
10 coupons to share for $2 off [which should make them free, or really cheap!]
1 Pair of Comfy and fun socks
$1 off digital coupon to share.

I love Smiley 360 missions. They are always for really good products, and sometimes get to try a variety of products for free in one mission... If you haven't signed up yet, you really should. I have gotten A lot of  things to try and tell about! You can sign up here 

The Winners Are....

My Mini Schnauzer Slinky "Santa" is announcing the winners :

Kim Thompson : Tory Burch Inspired Clover Necklace [ your color choice]. Sponsored by Apple of My Eye Jewelry

Ellen Schull : It Works Body Wrap Sponsored by It Works Independent Distributor ~ Kim R

Becca Wilson : Heart On A String Necklace Sponsored by Cautivadora

Bing Bang: Black & White Scarf. Sponsored by Stripeology

Cindy Lackey Montrief: Pendant Necklace [your color choice]. Sponsored by Fancy Frills

Cindy Olsen Jamison:  It Works Body Applicator. Sponsored by Tighten,Tone & Firm in 45

Emily Blewett : Paracord Beaded Bracelet [in pink or black] Sponsored by Custom Weaves

Now, I'm gonna add A twist - if anyone would like to do a Chinese Christmas,and wants to see if someone wants to trade their prize with you, make a post on my page asking if they want to trade. I will check by noon tomorrow to see if anyone has traded, and then email the final winners. If everyone is happy with what they have, be sure to post "I want my prize!"

All prizes must be claimed via email by 6PM EST .

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