Thursday, February 28, 2013

Unique Items FREE with $0 Shipping? Yes, Please!

Who loves cool, unique stuff that you don't see everyday? If you said "I do!"[as I am sure you all did] , you will LOVE this next question.Who would like to get unique things TOTALLY FREE? I see hands going up everywhere, just as I expected. 

Being the lover of anything free , I am always on the lookout for freebies and almost-as-good-as-free things to share with my readers.
Lots of times I don't post a lot , mainly because I follow A LOT of blogs, and watch my feed blow up with back to back posts of them all posting the exact same offers. All day long. I naturally assume most of you also follow lots of blogs,and not just mine,and are already seeing the same posts from at least 5 different bloggers,all at the same time..I try not to do that, which sometimes means not much posting in a day.  So, I get really excited when I find something I haven't seen anyone else posting about.

 Have you heard of Bizzark Deals? They are an online community where you can get free samples, free products to test and review and also some things that are free and you only have to pay a few bucks shipping.  Usually the things they have are pretty unique.

On Thursdays [TODAY]beginning at 9:30 AM EST  they have HOT deals that you can possibly get for FREE

Here's what's up today:

600 Available

Fishbones Earphone Cable Winder [$7.88 value]

300 Available

Collapsible Portable Mini Funnel  [$13 value]

300 Available

Love Letters of the Alphabet Round Necklace Sweater Chain [$16.99 value]

Be sure to try your luck today and let me know if you get any of these deals!!

* The offers are avail to Residents of the US [excluding Hawaii and Alaska] age 18 and up only.

For more info about Bizzark Deals , read their FAQ HERE