Thursday, May 31, 2012

Here Are The Deals

               Today I had to run a few errands and had a couple of coupons that were going to expire soon , and they were such GREAT deals I would be CRAZY not to use them [ Not to mention wasteful]
                                                         First stop was Walgreen's
                                                  This is an enlarged 8X10 photo.
                                                  Regular Price : $2.99
                                                  I Paid :             $0.00
           This was an offer that Walgreen's had on Mother's Day Weekend for a free 8x10,
             which I ordered online and chose pickup . [and they were calling me all week to come get lol]

                                                        Next Stop : Sears

Nordic Track Fitness Ball -55cm 
                                                           Regular Price : $12.99
                                                            I Paid :            $0.00
                  This is officially my most  favorite freebie EVER!  This was an offer from earlier this month from Fitness Studio. New Sign ups [Free] Got a coupon for a FREE fitness ball. As you can see, I haven't put it together eh- inflated it- yet, but I have told myself this is ONE piece of workout equipment I WILL use. I have wanted one of those for so long, and was really impressed that it was such a good brand as well.

                                                               Final Stop : Wal-Mart
Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom Novelty Bars, Banana Split & Butter Pecan Ice Creams
Regular Price : $3.98 [Bars]
    $3.78 [Cartons -with snap tight lids!]
Coupon : FREE x's 3
                                                            Softlips Pearl Gloss
                                                            Regular Price : $1.98
                                                            Coupon : FREE
How :  The Ice Cream is for the House Party I am hosting that is sponsored by Blue Bunny, and The softlips I won in a Facebook giveaway a few months ago.
                                       Total I Paid at Walmart was $1.05 .
 Yep . I kinda just looked at her for a minute , and asked how, since all of my coupons were FREE products [I was really kinda scared to ask because of the horror stories I have heard about Wal-Mart and coupons]. Her reply : "You have to pay taxes" She said it kind of snidely, so I nicely informed her that I have never paid taxes on any free product coupons that I've redeemed [and I haven't!] and I HAVE redeemed a couple at that very Wal-Mart before. I didn't tell her that part because, well I didn't want her to yell a "code TLC" or anything over the loudspeaker lol.

                                                      Total Saved : $29.50
For those of you who have made it this far, I still have one FREE product coupon that I have not been able to find in any of my stores. Expires 12/21/2012
 The first person who wants this [make sure there's a store near you that sells them]. Leave me a comment under here and I will mail you this coupon . Will get your info later.