Sunday, November 25, 2012

Like Avon? This giveaway is for You!!

Missy's Avon Group is giving away a Prize Bundle worth $50 to one lucky person. Entries are quick and easy - Click HERE to enter . Be sure to like Missy's Avon Group  on facebook here .
Contest ends Thursday,11/29.  If you want,tell her I sent ya :)   After you enter, check out her Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals posted on her page . I am headed to order a few stocking stuffers .

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Want to Save Money this Holiday.. Or is Spending A lil More okay?

'Tis the Season to be saving. Fa-ala-la-la-laa. 'Tis the season to be sweeping.Fa-ala-la-la-laa.'Tis the Season to be Earning....
 I want to remind you what instant games to play daily, contests that have winners weekly, and  things to earn daily to save you as much money as you can this Holiday.  
 Word has it that we will spend a billion more this year than last for the holidays, mainly because of the state of the Economy.. My way of thinking is that I should still strive to save as much as possible, and I want to share those things with my readers, other people like me .   I am going to make a page page that will be accessible through a tab at the top of my  blog . How many of you would visit everyday to have a list of all the games and contests to enter all in one place?  This is a system I have been putting in place for myself,and use everyday. I will post on Facebook when new games or contests are available, along with new promotions. Be sure to like Family Freebies & Savings on Facebook and Google to stay up to date with the newest and best quick ways to earn cash/giftcards, and gifts for the Holidays.
 Leave comments letting me know if this is something you would utilize to help you save this Season. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Old Navy Dress - One Reader Will Win!

 As most of you who have been reading my blog for a while know, I am a member of the Old Navy Style Council, thanks to Crowdtap.
  I have gotten to try a few different things for free with Old Navy. Last year when I first joined Crowd Tap I got a Free Old Navy coat for myself and my daughter. During this past spring I got a Free pair of Old Navy shorts for me and my daughter, and this past summer I got  Free summer accessories for myself, my daughter and my niece.
  This fall/winter I am getting an Old Navy dress for FREE- and you could too!
  I was sent these wonderful coupons, one for myself and one for someone else.
These coupons are good for Women's dresses only [not childrens'], so please keep this in mind before entering.

I am looking forward to trying on some of their sweater dresses ..I am thinking something I can wear to a holiday dinner, and to the movies as well.. Something I can pair with boots.  All of us ladies deserve to be treated to something nice for ourselves every once in a while, and that is why I want to give away my extra coupon to one of you ladies!
Entries are going to be super easy, and only require a few things.
 These coupons are only good through 11/21, so this is going to be a quick giveaway- I plan to get the coupon in the mail by tomorrow so that the winner will have plenty of time to get her dress. 

Here's How to enter:
1.) Use this link to join Crowdtap and sign up HERE  [this way you can possibly get these deals for yourself and friends in the future too!]

2.) Take a look at the Old Navy Dresses Here

3.) Leave a comment with which dress you would like to have, as well as the name you signed up under with Crowdtap 

4) Would you agree to take pictures of you dress shopping at Old Navy and a picture of the dress you take home with you, and give me permission to post them on my blog [ ones that you would email me] along with the review of my dress? Please tell me yes or no in the comments. 
[answering no will not affect your odds of winning]
5) Share the facebook post about the giveaway on your page ,or with your friends.

             A winner will be chosen via  sometime this evening
[ not giving a definite time, but will be before 10PM est ], and will be announced on my page and blog. The winner will have until Midnight to contact me either via fb message or email with their mailing info .  I will get the coupon in the mail tomorrow!

* If you are already a member of Crowdtap and got the Old Navy Dresses offer, please do not try to win this, this is for someone who has not already gotten one! Please be fair :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hurry! Grab your Guaranteed Freebie!

 It's rare that I find a freebie that gets me so excited that I call up my honey at work, my Mom, and anyone else I know who would want to get it too . I found that today, and am about to share it with you all, my readers.
   You may have already seen this posted throughout Face book. I had seen it posted all day, and just now decided to try it out . I am talking about the Coupon Network Grab Bag Sweepstakes.  I just won two Movie tickets up to $26 to the theater of my choice.
This excites me so much because it doesn't expire until Februaury of 2013. My Faince also was able to grab the same prize under his name, so this means free movies for my whole family!!  What a better time for it- with the Holidays coming up there will be all kinds of good new movies playing, and probably a few good ones in 3D. Instead of spending the usual $50+ for all of us to go to the movies, we will have to spend maybe $20 for concessions.  Can't beat that!! If you haven't grabbed your freebie yet, you better get to grabbing now! I am seeing there are only 2,143 left!!
  Leave me a comment telling me what you win!
Enter Here|Rules

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Superpoints Network - Gone

When I got on my computer this evening I headed straight for the Superpoints Network because today was the day I was going to cash in my 1300 points for paypal cash... Looks like I won't be able to do that , because this is the message that awaited me :
[click on the picture, you will be able to read it, won't let me enlarge it or anything.]

I am so frustrated right now - Not just because of the points that I have lost, but also because of all the referrals I have sent to friends/family /my readers, and Superpoints did not even give any kind of warning about what was about to happen.
  I was on their site at 8 am this morning and everything was as usual, and no warning. Then I get online after 6 pm to a letter saying they are closing the site at 3 pm today .  They no longer have a Face Book or anything else.
  I have been a member of this site over a year, and am very disappointed in how they handled this matter , but I guess there's no point in that either.
  I want to thank all of you who have signed up under me for Superpoints, and I apologize if you have lost points - I only hope you didn't have a large amount saved up .
 Goodbye, Superpoints- You will be missed..

Blogger/Page Admin Wanted

 I have been trying to get my Dear Sister to join me as an admin on my page since I started it over a year ago   because let's face it - I am a night person. I stay up all night and sleep half the day [except the days I don't sleep at all]. I blame all the employers who insisted on me working the night shift :).   My sister is always up early mornings, but is pretty busy , so can't commit to being an active admin.
   With that being said, I am looking for someone who has the time, and the motivation to be an Admin.
 I would like to find someone who is similar to me- Someone who has done their research.. Which means they don't jump on the first "freebie" they see, and instead actually makes sure it is legit.
 I was always told " If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself". I lived by that for a long time . Then I became a manager of a restraunt and realized that Umm.. No, If I want something done right, I will teach someone how to do it.
 Long story short- If you want to help other people save money, get a good deal  and are available during the day [any hours between 7 am and 4 pm],and willing to work WITH me,  please contact me. I may be interested in more than one person. Someone who specifically seeks , finds, and participates in giveaways, contests,deals and blogging are all welcome to contact me. The only Monetary gain at this time would be that great feeling of having helped someone else :)
 I have had this blog/page opened for over a year,with the most activity being in the past 6 -8 months. I have done it all on my own, and feel like the only way to help it grow is to be able to have diverse content, available all throughout the day.
 I admit I am still in the learning process- I could learn from you, as I think you could from me. And maybe we all will benefit in our own ways.
If you would be interested in being an admin please send me an email to, or send me a private message with your blog name [if you have one] and tell me why you would like to be a part of my growing team.  I intend to speak with each person personally via email or chat, and would love to have at least one addition by the end of the week.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce * Review & Giveaway *

 I received my  Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce  a few weeks ago, but wanted to really try it out before doing my review .
After experimenting and using this Steak, Chicken  & Fries sauce for SO much more, I have decided it is my Favorite Sauce ! It can replace Ketchup , replace steak sauces and replace bbq. Depending on what ya use it on.
  Here is my  favorite dish I have used it on :
Sorry  for the not so neat plating and placement, but we were having the late night "munchies" and just threw this together , I thought of the pic for the review after.
      On the Plate is some fresh  venison that my fiance had literally just gotten through butchering for a friend , along with potato skins  and crispy fries on the side. Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce across the top,
      YUM! Is the best word to describe it .  The venison did not taste gamey at all , even though it was freshly cut - I was in awe. Country Bob's   made the flavor more than edible . We couldn't get enough of it! It also makes a great  replacement for Ketchup on the fries.  The taste is so unique and versatile that I am now contemplating NOT giving my Mother the second bottle I have  since I am almost out of the first one!
 Don't worry, Mom - I wouldn't do that , You must experience the Goodness of Country Bob's .Speaking of, not only will my Mom get a Bottle to try,  I am very happy to say that  I have teamed up with Al over at Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce  to give  one more  lucky reader 2 FREE bottles of this delicious sauce!
 All you have to do is enter on the Rafflecopter below . Do  the mandatory entries, and to better your odds, do the tasks for extra entries as well. All mandatory entries will be verified before announcing winner.
 Be sure to share with your friends each day for more entries .

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was compensated for this review in the form of free product[s] from the Sponsor. However, I only review items or services I have personally used  think would be of interest to my readers.
Thank You, Country Bob's!