Saturday, September 29, 2012

Getting to know me and my page

Hi there,
  My name is Tammy- Blog & Page Owner,Admin. I do everything myself.
 That's why some days there are little to no posts, or a lot dispersed  throughout the day.

   I started this blog because I love getting freebies and wanted to share what I find with other freebie lovers.It started out with me always having free items I find sent to both me and my Mom because she's not on Facebook . She is a loyal customer to most of the companies that offer high value coupons or free products and samples, so I don't feel like she should have to miss out on these great deals that could help her save some money on products she's spent a lot of money on over the years. So I use my Facebook or my fiance's Facebook to send her the same things I get . Just depends on what the official rules are for everything. 

 * Most freebies have the rule that one prize/coupon per person per email and/or facebook account and per address. 

If it's one per Facebook user , I will use my fiance's Facebook  name to have it sent to my Mom's house for her. I don't see that as being dishonest since I am only getting the one free item [using my personal Facebook].People  should never enter in contests using their Facebook Page name ;only from their personal page; and follow what the rules say.

 Whoever said that "Nothing in life is free" just hadn't met me. 
 I know there are a lot of different pages and blogs out there, and I am here to tell you what makes Me different from the rest: *please continue reading- I know I am very detailed, or wordy .. hence my blog name.

  When I say FREE, I mean free- no shipping or handling= $0 Total. This is why you may not see a lot of "freebie" posts from me.. I check ALL FREE links that I post to make sure they work and are really free. I do post non free items , such as low cost shipping only, or low cost item with free shipping. You also won't see a lot of coupons posted here. Why? Well, I just don't have the patience for couponing. I am not an extreme couponer ; but I do follow blogs that are;so I always look for High Value coupons for myself, because after reading their scenarios I will learn who has what on sale so that I will know where to use my High Value coupon at to get the items FREE or really cheap. I only share the work that I did- which was find the High Value coupon. I will tell you where it is on sale at too if I know.  If match-ups are something that you are interested in but can never remember which site you follow that does them, leave me a comment and I will tell you my favorite sites for coupon/store match-ups. and you can search for their Deals with store match-ups . Yeah, it gets complicated, that's why I will stick with what I know best, but will always search to find ya the best one (s) to follow.

Please remember that most of what I post is personally typed out for you. I don't copy and paste much, but do Tag the Brand or business page where I find the freebies . This means you will need to:

 1.) click their name , which is a link to their page; or click on the bottom of my post where the link by the picture is. 

2.) LIKE the page. That is always a must . Don't try to get something for free and not even be a fan of the page. That's disrespectful to that brand, in my opinion.

* Freebies sometimes can take as long as 8 weeks to get to you, especially if it was a big giveaway [ thousands of samples or products sent out, instead of just a few hundred], or if you are new at getting freebies.  It will take a few months to get your first freebie in the mail, unless it is a small giveaway with only a few hundred or select number winning the freebie [ then you will get it in the mail anywhere between a few days to about 2-3 weeks.] 

Find the Giveaway Tab at the top of the page or a link in a post on their page for the giveaway.
  *posting your info in a comment on my page will not get you the freebie. Posting your email address or mailing address on their page anywhere will not get you the freebie, and is not safe for you - think possible identity theft. 
Always read the company's most recent post [look at the time they posted it] and follow the directions on how to enter.  If they use the giveaway tab, I will direct link you to the entry form so that can like the page and sign up quickly.

3.)Read the rules, they will tell you when products will be shipped, if you will get an email, or any kind of conformation if you win. 
4) Tell them thank you for the freebie .. and don't get attitude if you don't win, because they didn't have to offer anything for free at all. Chances are they will do another giveaway on a different day.  The more you enter, or the faster you are- the best chances you have to win or snag the prize.

* Please do not unlike  the company page. After all, if it was a brand you didn't like you wouldn't want the free product or coupon anyways.. Would you? Most big name companies have multiple freebies, coupons and giveaways throughout the months, seasons .weeks and days, so keeping them in your feed gives you more chance of getting freebies! 

5) Pay attention to my post, and see if it says I shared a link. Click the word link, this will take you straight to where you need to go to read how to enter- This is their post on the Their Facebook Page.

The only time you will ever receive an item straight from me is if I state that I will be mailing it or emailing it to you.  If it is email , I will do so within 24 hours from the time the Giveaway ended . If it is Post Office Mail, I will tell you the day I ship them which is usually within 1-3 days, depending on the day the giveaway ends.

I will never do a month long giveaway unless it is a blogger giveaway, which means a lot of bloggers will all be posting the same giveaway with the same raffle-copter which means a LOT of entries .  I don't personally enter a lot of those giveaways myself because I usually feel like I don't have as much of a chance to win, and it's not something I really Need . I also don't enter in big ticket items, and rarely will host a high ticket giveaway for my blog or other bloggers. That doesn't mean never though.
I am never going to invest my personal money into getting any freebies or prizes. [Unless it's a product or item I would already be purchasing, and at a small price w/ free shipping]

If I do "pay" to do or host a blogger giveaway  it would be paid with Gift Cards that I earn for FREE, and something I know would interest my readers. I will only host Giveaways that aren't for free prizes for companies that have decent prices, or something that would make a good gift, depending on the season. 

I post reviews ONLY on items that I have personally tried out or used myself. I post honestly , even if it's not that great of an opinion. After all, it's just my opinion. I will only do product reviews that are  requested directly from the company  and that I have received a sample of . Not only is this my compensation, but I cannot give an honest review without having tried the product, or seen it myself- and I can't have a real opinion . That's what a review is supposed to be. I won't work with shady people who won't provide email addresses or links to the direct site. 

This makes mine and your  experiences with the brand or company that much better. 

I will have giveaways sponsored by other companies.  Currently, I prefer small business giveaways because I know those people are consumer friendly, and look to the winners and entrants of a giveaway as potential customers. Most of these businesses will do giveaways and games  as well where you can get freebies. I have won several samples,coupons and great products this way.  Several will offer discounts for purchases as a prize. I generally don't like to do this unless I know that page will be having freebies on their page - doesn't matter how small ... this gives everyone a chance to sample something before having to buy. In most cases turns into a new customer, who is going to Want that discount prize . 
 All my giveaways are done using raffle-copter, so a giveaway [from me] could be anywhere from a couple days to a week. A *flash* giveaway  will be anywhere from 2-4 hours.  I do not hand - pick the winners [ unless I do a comment contest in the future]. They are picked by Random.Org automatically on the raffle-copter.

If I do a review and/or giveaway from Tomoson [this will always be disclosed at the bottom of the blog post], then I received an item for free from the company directly [generally the CEO or owner]. I will post my own pictures of the item, and anything they require me to in return. All items you say you do must be done, or prize is forfeited if you were picked as a winner.The prizes will be sent from the company to you directly. I will provide them with your email and/or mailing address within 24 hours after I receive it from you. You may get emails from them when it ships, and you will get an email from me when/if I know it has shipped. I am not responsible for when they ship the item, how long it takes to receive it,  or anything else. Once I have said the item is shipped, my relationship with the company has ended , until  possible later reviews. I will do my best to make sure you receive the products that I have reviewed for them get to you .

Always leave a comment when you have received an item you won from my page , please.

  Shew- I know, that was a lot of talking! I'm about done, I promise.

I will also share recipes , crafts, tips, and other things cool or funny or budget friendly on my page and sometimes blog.

To everyone who made it to the end of this post : Thanks for reading, and I hope this makes you appreciate and understand my page and blog better. 

    If you use Sephora products and would like to have the $10 gift card I won from them       yesterday, leave a comment under this post . Tell me what you will use the $10 on from Sephora and I will pick a winner by this time tomorrow . That way everyone has a chance to comment that would like to have it. 
Winner will be emailed to email addy used when commenting, so be sure to look for the post from me titled  " Check your Email. See if you are a winner".  Please comment back within 6 hours to let me know you got the code.  [ Be sure to check spam box!]

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