Thursday, February 28, 2013

Unique Items FREE with $0 Shipping? Yes, Please!

Who loves cool, unique stuff that you don't see everyday? If you said "I do!"[as I am sure you all did] , you will LOVE this next question.Who would like to get unique things TOTALLY FREE? I see hands going up everywhere, just as I expected. 

Being the lover of anything free , I am always on the lookout for freebies and almost-as-good-as-free things to share with my readers.
Lots of times I don't post a lot , mainly because I follow A LOT of blogs, and watch my feed blow up with back to back posts of them all posting the exact same offers. All day long. I naturally assume most of you also follow lots of blogs,and not just mine,and are already seeing the same posts from at least 5 different bloggers,all at the same time..I try not to do that, which sometimes means not much posting in a day.  So, I get really excited when I find something I haven't seen anyone else posting about.

 Have you heard of Bizzark Deals? They are an online community where you can get free samples, free products to test and review and also some things that are free and you only have to pay a few bucks shipping.  Usually the things they have are pretty unique.

On Thursdays [TODAY]beginning at 9:30 AM EST  they have HOT deals that you can possibly get for FREE

Here's what's up today:

600 Available

Fishbones Earphone Cable Winder [$7.88 value]

300 Available

Collapsible Portable Mini Funnel  [$13 value]

300 Available

Love Letters of the Alphabet Round Necklace Sweater Chain [$16.99 value]

Be sure to try your luck today and let me know if you get any of these deals!!

* The offers are avail to Residents of the US [excluding Hawaii and Alaska] age 18 and up only.

For more info about Bizzark Deals , read their FAQ HERE

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

FREE Blogger Opp!

Looking for bloggers to help promote a blogger sponsored  Giveaway, a $559 Value. 
The giveaway dates will be 3/11 through 4/8. You will receive either Facebook or Twitter link for free (with announcement post HERE) for helping me with this awesome giveaway. NO Google + 
Additional links $3 
Host pages available for $15 (4 links and follow page) 
Co-Hosts available for $20 (5 Links, follow page and Blog's Name on Banner) All money raised will go for the cost of the iPad. (Over half of the funds are already raised)
Go HERE to sign up!!
There is a referral prize of $25 Paypal!
Only taking 75 blogs...all Facebook links will be on their own GT's.

* Please let them know I referred you*

Save $1.50 on (2) M&M's & Earn Swagbucks

Save $1.50
  Did you know that you could earn swagbucks by couponing?   You will get 10 swagbucks for each coupon you redeem. You can either print the coupons out , or have them loaded onto your card. It can take up to 12 weeks for you to receive the swagbucks after you redeem them, so I would recommend making a list of the coupons you print or load from Swagbucks  so that you can keep track with which ones you are credited for.  I usually have my credits within a couple weeks.  If you are already a member, go HERE to view the coupons that are available for print and to be loaded. This is an AWESOME ,easy and free resource to get more swagbucks, which means More FREE Money for you!   The coupons are available for U.S. only - and registration to is necessary to be able to load the coupons onto a grocery card instead of printing .
Sign Up For Swag Bucks Here | Start Earning Swagbucks with Coupons Here

* Remember if you sign up now, you will get an extra 120 bucks just for joining!  Use registration code 5THBIRTHDAY  [code expires on 02/28 and is only valid for new users]

Monday, February 25, 2013

$25 Amazon Giveaway-ends tonight!

What do you shop for most on Amazon?  I shop for Christmas and Birthdays and little "just because" gifts throughout the year.  I earn all of my Amazon gift cards online through a couple of rewards sites , so I know how long it can take to earn money to shop with [when you have a certain gift in mind]  That's why I am sharing this quick giveaway for $25. A fellow blogger, The Adventures of  J-man and Miller Bug, is hosting this giveaway.
   One person will get a gift code via email for $25 to Amazon. Giveaway ends tonight at 11:59 P.M. EST.
   ENTER HERE  Giveaway is open World Wide;except where prohibited by law.

Happy Birthday! Do you Swag?

Did you RSVP'd for Swagbucks' 5th Birthday Blowout? It was easy to do, and when you RSVP'd you were  automatically entering yourself to win one of five $1000 CASH prizes. The whole birthday celebration will be a big one - they're giving out 135 Swag Bucks worth of codes TODAY , and they're giving away four more $1000 cash prizes TODAY while they celebrate. You can still join the party.

If you're not a member of Swagbucks yet, join me and use the code 5THBIRTHDAY during registration - you'll start with 120 Swag Bucks! [Instead of just 30] I've used Swagbucks since 2011 and I've already earned enough Swag Bucks for Christmas Presents for 3 kids two Christmases in a row - This year my goal is to earn for Birthdays too. One down, 2 more to go..

Remember to like their Facebook page HERE so that you don't miss any codes or other fun today. Keep your eye on my facebook page  Family Freebies & Savings  [ Add to notifications by hovering your cursor over the like button and click "Get Noifications" ] I will be posting updates of the celebration . Party goes on until 11:59 PM PST tonight.  There will be a few more posts like this made throughout the evening, to give tips on how to maximize your earning with Swagbucks.

    Swagbucks is also Mobile Compatible . Any questions? Be sure to post here or  on my facebook page.  I will help you all I can!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Enter to Win $100 Amazon

I found this cool site called Moolala . It is a deals site, but unlike most of the others , they actually had my area listed to get deals from. I live in a very rural area and most other deal sites only list larger cities.   With this site you can make money in various ways. 
  First, you can purchase any of their daily deals .[ 50-90% off retail prices]
  Here are a few that were listed for me :
A Hardback photo book from $10
a $14 6ft peel and stick chalk board
 There are many other things such as a mp3 player for $15 and more!! So how do you make money? By sharing the deals . You will get 2% of ANY purchases  that friends make from your links, as well as their friends that buy from the link, etc ... FOREVER! There is no cap, and you could potentially be earning from hundreds of people [or more].  Here's the cool part:  If YOU buy a daily deal and then you share the deal, you will make even more money if someone else purchases from your link.  It can range anywhere from $5- $20, maybe more- it depends on what the item is.   I think this could be a HUGE way to make some extra money, plus save money on things you have been wanting to buy.   What's even better? Today's free deal is the chance to win $100 Amazon gift card.    Let's make the deal even sweeter. If someone wins the gift card, and it was your link they clicked on- you BOTH win it!!  What are you waiting for? You don't have to buy anything to be entered.

  Let me know what you think about Moolala

Thursday, February 14, 2013

FREE Blogger Opp!

Hey Bloggers [ and  People who know bloggers], I have a couple of Reviews/Giveaways coming up very soon. One will start within the next week, and the other no later than the first week of March. The one coming up soon will be for a Pen [will disclose the company once I have received the product for review]. and I plan to only run it for a week.  The other one will be HUGE and will help the company gain exposure for Their Earth Day Promotion. Both companies I have only seen a few reviews/giveaways for, and I follow LOTS of blogs. Obviously, I am  still kind of a new blog and these companies are putting a lot of faith in my ability to draw attention to their brand. I have not seen them have reviews done by any blogs with less than 5k followers.  [and obviously I have a ways to go to reach that number]
   To help these blogs get their brands more well known  I am reaching out to my fellow bloggers to help me help them, which in return will help all of us in the blogging world.

  I will be posting a link to a group page that I am making. This will make it simple for everyone to sign up and is where I will post the html codes once I have them.  You do not need to have any min. or max. amount of followers in order to participate.   I will ask that you agree to post the link to the giveaways at least once a day during the giveaway time frame if you have two or more links of yours on the giveaway. If you have only one link of your own, please post a link at least once every other day during the giveaways.  This will help ensure more people from each page sees the chance to enter.

More details will be on the Group Page 

Feel free to comment if you are interested , or follow the link above to join the group. If all else fails, send me a private message and I will give you the link.  I look forward to working with my fellow blogging pals!