Sunday, September 30, 2012

How I got ALL of Christmas for FREE last yr.- Pt.2

One word :
   Swag Bucks
  I did not use swag bucks at all when I first signed up. I just really didn't get how great it was.  My sister was telling me how she bought all of her school books off of Amazon , with money she earned on Swag Bucks. We know how expensive college  books can be.
    Around late October early November I was out of work and Christmas was almost here. I decided I had to earn some money for Christmas presents. I did spend A LOT of time with Swag bucks it seemed, but no more than a few hours at the start of the day , and off and on throughout the day.  I was earning 5 gift cards [ at 450 swag bucks each] every week .  You are only allowed to cash in on 5 on any same denomination for one company. I typically got    5 $5 gift cards . At one point I had a couple of active referrals, which helped- I got bucks whenever they won searching , but once you get 1,000 total bucks from that person you won't earn anymore from them. So the more active people you have , the faster you are going to be able to cash in. During those months I got 5 $5 Amazon Gift Cards and  either 1 $10 card or a 1 $20 Gift Card. a month .So I made anywhere from 25-40 bucks a week to spend on Amazon.  I love Amazon because I can find anything I wanted on there, and Had a promo code for Free Amazon Prime, so I got free two- day shipping on all of my Christmas presents . [ Been looking for one recently, and haven't come across one - hopefully right before Christmas ]

 The easiest and fastest way to earn Swag bucks is by doing these four things :

1) Daily Poll
2) NOSO  - skip all the offers, and put in word at the end
3) search the web using their browser.  Give it a few tries and then you will get a message that you won swag bucks. You generally have to confirm this or enter a captcha.  Be sure to share on your timeline, because that is a good way to get people to sign up under you.

You won't get search wins back to back,  go back after a few hours and  search again . Most days you can get at least 3 wins just for searching [ sometimes more!]

4) Watch videos. You get swag bucks every time your meter gets full [ usually after watching 30 seconds of about 8 videos or so ].

You get $50 Bucks for your Birthday

They don't spam you. I never get emails other to confirm when I cashed in for gift cards, and when it's available.  Or on my birthday. I never buy anything to get swag bucks in return, although there are many options to do so for people who like to online shop  and has the card to do it. 

 You can get swag bucks just for printing their coupons . [once coupons are redeemed in stores]. The possibilites are endless, and you can earn a lot, or just enough. 

   You won't need a credit card this Christmas if you start earning now , trust me.  You don't have to choose between the bills or presents.Pay the bills with the paycheck, and Get Gift Cards to your favorite stores or Amazon and get all the presents for FREE.  However, if you really need the cash , you can also get PayPal Gift Cards and have the cash put straight in the bank or on your prepaid card .

Are you ready to sign up and start earning? Click here :Sign Up. Take 10 minutes and make some money today.  If you have any questions ask away and I will help the best I can.
 Everyone who leaves a comment will be entered  to win the $10 Sephora Gift Card I won yesterday [ along with the people who commented on the Getting to know me ]

 Just comment telling me if you already use Swagbucks, or if you just signed up :) Get entries in before 8PM est . Winner will be emailed after Once Upon A Time and Revenge Go off :)


  1. I signed up awhile ago but rarely use it but I think it's time I start up again and stick with it after reading your post. Thank for the info and the giveaway :)

    Joy Person

  2. Thanks for the tips. I use swagbucks but I've only earned 1 $5 giftcard to Amazon so far. :)

    1. Yw- How long have you been using it? It took me a couple months to really learn how to utilize it, and start doing it on a daily basis