Saturday, May 26, 2012

Blue Bunny House Party

          I've been so excited that I was chosen to host a Blue Bunny House Party. I was supposed to have the party on May 17th, but the last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic,so I am  planning to have my Ice Cream Social next weekend. After all, everyone's been busy with it being the end of the school year and beginning of Summer Vacation. 
      Blue Bunny was very generous and gave us party hosts six (6) Free Product Coupons   for any Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom [to Induldge] Sugar Free Ice Cream, including cartons and Novelties
                      . [That's about $30 [not incl tax]of cool treats for FREE!]

As if that wasn't generous enough they also sent everything pictured above . There's 60 $1 off coupons that have a very good expiration dates 
[Maybe a giveaway in the near future?]
Considering I am going to be serving several people this ice cream at my house party [the kids I don't worry about- they will eat anything sweet, it's the adults that can be picky, especially men]
I decided that I should taste this  Sugar Free Ice Cream.
 Problem is, I found a hard time finding it at my local grocery stores. 
Wal-Mart was the only place who carries it, and anybody who knows my fiance knows he doesn't like going to Wal-mart [my vehicle isn't running right now, so he has to take me everywhere ].
To my delight he came in a couple nights ago and told me the BP had my ice cream . 
I got all excited because I have been wanting something sweet.It's been so hot and I wanted Ice Cream, plus I had a coupon to get it for FREE, so how could he say no? Even if he was going to be the one using the coupon. He pondered if they even took coupons. My quick reply was "They have to, it's a Manufacturer's Coupon."
Everyone has to take those. You might have to pay taxes, but you shouldn't. I told him to just ask before he gets it so that he doesn't have to put it back [I would never ever in a million years pay a convenience store price of $4.99 for a half carton-and I made sure to tell him that so that he wouldn't either] I forgot to tell him to make sure the carton said the same thing the coupon says[I forget that Men just remember what you tell them to , like "Blue Bunny" and "I'ts Free".
So this made me truly "LOL":
As you can see, it is my favorite flavor -Butter Pecan. I was so excited they had this! Then I LOOKED at the carton, and asked "Did they take the coupon?" He said yes. Oh NO!! I ran and got the other coupons to read what it said , and told him they shouldn't have taken the coupon because it was only for that one kind, the Sugar Free. He panicked and asked "Is that Sugar Free?" I laughed,because he sounded so scared that it was. It isn't sugar free, and as you see we did open it . I'm sorry, Ice Cream in the house on a hot night? It's going to get opened... Don't worry though,I am calling the manager in the morning to let him know what happened. They couldn't take it back anyways and sale it, and should still be able to get reimbursed I would imagine, but if not we will make it right.  The Ice Cream was delicious though.Best Butter Pecan I have ever had, actually.  I will report back on the Sweet Rewards after I have the House Party.