Monday, July 23, 2012

Shows I am Starting to Miss : When Summer seems to slow down

Are there any  tv shows that you get so involved with that when the season ends you find yourself missing that show?
 I have not experienced that kind of interest from any tv shows in YEARS until this past season.  I became addicted to Once Upon A Time , so I find myself visiting the Once Upon A Time Fan Page daily just to glimpse photo shoots of the season 2 filmings that are going on. I will re-watch the season in August before Season 2 Premiers.  My other favorite is Revenge, which will be premiering on Sundays at 9 PM on ABC , right after Once Upon A Time.YAY! My two favorite shows on the same night .
 My favorite new comedy that I can't wait for is New Girl.  Totally hilarious show, and I think every girl can relate to Zooey Deschanel  in this show. Starting  July 30th  you can Re-watch [or watch for the first time] ALL of first season of New Girl!  Down side : Season 2 doesn't air until Sept. 25th.  on FOX. Speaking of,

    US Weekly is giving away  A trip to the L.A. set of New Girl during the season 2 taping,
           As well as :

  •  A $500 shopping spree
  • A New Girl script signed by the cast
  • See the wardrobe room on the set!

To enter, Click HERE

If you entered to win, leave me a comment below with your favorite show you can't wait to come

back this season
 [I will be watching for the winners, so that you don't miss it if you win!]

to record your favorite shows this season, you might want to check out: