Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Have Naturally curly hair? This is for US!

  I have been posting many giveaways from NaturallyCurly .I have been doing so because I  have naturally curly hair, which can go from looking nice and smooth  to kinky and unruly within 3o mins, depending on the situation. I have tried several frizz- eaze or smoothing products, and even curl enhancers. Honestly, nothing really WORKS. Maybe it's  because I won't pay over $7 for something I haven't already tried. However, once I found Naturallycurly I knew I had found the perfect website for me and other naturally curly haired ladies out there. I suffer from frizz on a daily basis, which takes away from my curls. And tangles- oh my! I can brush/comb my hair and style it, and 30 mins- 1 hr later there's tangles all in it again.
   NaturallyCurly is having 31 days of giveaways and today is day 15.
  Today's Prize is sponsored by Curly Solutions:

  • Curl Keeper 8oz.
  • Slip Detangler 8oz.
  • Silk Shampoo 8oz.
  • Roller Jaw Clamp 12pk.
  • 5 Curl Keeper 1oz.pks.
There will be 2 prizes, with a value of $62 each

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