Monday, March 11, 2013

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Work At Home Jobs Hiring NOW !

I have been out of work for 9 months now, and with my circumstances a work at home job would fit me best.  Like most people I HAVE to work. I NEED income. While I do rewards sites and enter contests and do reviews, I mostly get "paid" in products or small amounts of Pay Pal Cash or Amazon Gift Cards..  Obviously those type of payments don't pay the bills, so I have been scouring Work At Home Jobs, and figuring out what's legit and what isn't.  It isn't easy right now to find a job outside of home , and there's a lot of competition for telecommuting jobs as well. I don't have the money to put into business opportunities, so the only jobs I search for are jobs that have true earning potential - Making just as much as I would doing a similar job in the public.  Everyone has different preferences  and I prefer to work in a call center/office setting.  I have compiled a list of Work At Home jobs that I have found through various sources online . All of the jobs pay hourly and are currently hiring. I have applied at all of them, and have heard back from them all in some form.  The longest turn around time I had for response of any kind from any of them was about a week.  If you are personally looking for work in a different area to do from home, please leave me a comment and I will see what I can find in those lines of work.  If you live in Canada and are reading this, and are looking for work at home, leave me a comment and I will gather some jobs in Canada.

  • Part Time, Seasonal Help 
  • Customer Service/Sales [Inbound ]
  • Hourly Wage - Training paid at your state's minimum wage per hour [12-16 hrs ] then after training: $8 Hr to $11 Hr w/ commission.
  • Work hours available 24/7 , but they DO have a points system 
  • If Interested in hiring, you will have to consent to  a Background check [they pay for]
Hiring Across the USA except in these states :AL,CA,IL,MA,NM,NV,NY,OR,RI,VI & WI.
Get More info, or apply HERE


  • Full Time or Part Time
  • Customer Service Rep [Inbound]
  • Hourly Wage- amount not disclosed.
  • Hiring in All US States
  • Paid Training
I THINK they do require a background and drug test which they pay for[ can't go back to see that info since my application has already been submitted]
Get More info, or apply HERE

Teletech @ Home

  • Part Time for most positions
  • Customer Service Rep [Inbound or Outbound- you make the choice] 
  • Hourly Wage - Varies depending on which company you are working for [ They contract work for Best Buy and other companies]
  • Paid Training
  • Hiring in All US States  [ they do have jobs avail in other countries as well]
  • Require Background Check and Drug Test [ they pay for ]
* I was hired with Teletech several months ago. My computer would not boot up with their software for some reason, so I was not able to continue working. I did however go through a week of training, and was paid for my time in training . All the training is conducted via web and conference calls. You do have to have a USB head set which they will provide BUT you will initially pay for it  out of your check . I think it's 3 payments of $35 , something like that. However, if you ever quit or your job ends, you send back the headset [free of charge] and will be reimbursed for the total price when they get it back.<~~ they did not tell me this until I was in training.

Get more info, or  apply HERE 

 I know there are more jobs hiring , but I can't find them in my bookmarks. As soon as I have the info, I will update you. If you apply to any  please let me know if you hear from them! 

Old Navy Tees- So excited!

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I have been a  member of Crowdtap for going on two years now.  If you aren't familiar with Crowdtap, or want more info on how it works or how to be more likely to be accepted for a Party or Sample and Share, check out a previous post I made HERE. It gives all the details.
  On to the good news : I was just accepted to do the Old Navy Tees Sample and Share.  I am so excited. I mean, who doesn't LOVE Old Navy? And getting to try their clothes for FREE is even better! I will get coupons for me to get 2 free tees, and a coupon for a friend to get 2 free tees. I usually always take my 16 yr old daughter with me, because we all know how much teenagers love clothes. Once I receive my coupons and go shopping I will be making a post showing what we got and reviewing the tees! There are still spots left to get in on this Sample and Share, so if you are already a member  , check your actions to see if you have the invite, or if you got accepted. If you aren't a member yet and want a chance to be Style Council Member[and chances for sample and shares from other Brands], you can sign up HERE. Have questions? I will be glad to help- Now, get to tappin'!