Thursday, December 6, 2012

Old Navy Style Council- Dress Sample & Review

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I had a fabulous time browsing through Old Navy's Dress collection. My Kingsport,TN store had a great selection. I saw each dress that was advertised on the website . My fiance went with me to help me pick out the perfect dress.He chose a sweater "dress". I wasn't really fond of how it looked on me, and was unsure it would be considered a "sweater dress" I'm short, that's why it fit me like a dress.. It needed some leggings- which I looked at and didn't like.When we went to checkout the coupon scanned as an ineligible item. The cashier said she didn't know why, but it had run up as a tunic.:) The store manager then come over and looked at the coupon. To my surprise he opened a binder and turned to the back of it and there was a copy of my coupon. I have used sample and share coupons there three times now, and each time no one has ever heard of crowd tap or the coupon. I told the manager I was impressed. He then got real excited and asked if he could show me the dress collection they had. AS he walked me through the store he made the comment " There was only 1,000 of these coupons distributed nationally" I told him I was not aware of the exact number, but since I have been a member of the Style Council I have gotten many perks , and always use them in that same store. He told me how glad he was to have me in his store, and took me to each display of dresses, explaining how his wife would pair the tunic I originally picked out with a pair of leggings and knee high boots. He has a lucky wife- he has good taste :) The dress I picked out was the black sweater dress with the cowl neck..  My pictures here won't show justice because my camera/lighting isn't that great, and well we are are own worst critics lol

My fiance really liked another dress, so he surprised me a few days later and brought it home to me as a gift... I'm still unsure about it, and know I need to lose a few more pounds before I will wear it out, but here it is

Thanks to Old Navy and Crowd tap for the chance to try their dresses!  If you love Old Navy and aren't on the style council yet, you really should sign up now! I just got approved for another sample and share for Old Navy Active Wear!
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  1. ok I am totally going to have to retake this pics.. after I uploaded them I fussed at my fiance for not standing up to take the pics. Men just don't understand how to work a camera to flatter a woman lol