Monday, July 9, 2012

What's A Freaky Pet?

 I am sure many of you have seen my posts about Freaky Pets Giveaways. Have you been wondering just what exactly IS a freaky pet?  I was too until I received mine in the mail this past Friday.  I must say, this pet is pretty darn FREAKY! His name is Dinork
 I know what you're thinking .. "It's not THAT freaky. " Just as I thought.   The pet felt pretty bulky , so I turned it around and saw that it had an opening in it's back ...
I became a little nervous about what I would find when I opened his back... So, I opened it very slowly and carefully .
[I think I had my 9 yr old step son a little freaked out as I was making such a big deal about it]
Here is what I found:
There's something in there!!!

                                                           ANOTHER Freaky pet!

Freaky Pet Good VS Evil 

This has to be one of the coolest.. and FREAKIEST plush toys I have ever seen. 
Logan says the "Evil" one looks Demonic .. I showed him his vivid red eyes in this picture and told him  the Freaky Pet must be wearing off on him lol.
 I am sure Freaky Pets come in many varieties , shapes, sizes and colors . If you haven't gotten on yet [and even if you have], they have daily giveaways on their page - with one coming up in about 5 minutes today . Head on over to the Freaky Pets page for your chance to win one today! You can also check out all the Freaky Pets HERE