Monday, March 11, 2013

Old Navy Tees- So excited!

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I have been a  member of Crowdtap for going on two years now.  If you aren't familiar with Crowdtap, or want more info on how it works or how to be more likely to be accepted for a Party or Sample and Share, check out a previous post I made HERE. It gives all the details.
  On to the good news : I was just accepted to do the Old Navy Tees Sample and Share.  I am so excited. I mean, who doesn't LOVE Old Navy? And getting to try their clothes for FREE is even better! I will get coupons for me to get 2 free tees, and a coupon for a friend to get 2 free tees. I usually always take my 16 yr old daughter with me, because we all know how much teenagers love clothes. Once I receive my coupons and go shopping I will be making a post showing what we got and reviewing the tees! There are still spots left to get in on this Sample and Share, so if you are already a member  , check your actions to see if you have the invite, or if you got accepted. If you aren't a member yet and want a chance to be Style Council Member[and chances for sample and shares from other Brands], you can sign up HERE. Have questions? I will be glad to help- Now, get to tappin'!

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