Monday, March 11, 2013

Work At Home Jobs Hiring NOW !

I have been out of work for 9 months now, and with my circumstances a work at home job would fit me best.  Like most people I HAVE to work. I NEED income. While I do rewards sites and enter contests and do reviews, I mostly get "paid" in products or small amounts of Pay Pal Cash or Amazon Gift Cards..  Obviously those type of payments don't pay the bills, so I have been scouring Work At Home Jobs, and figuring out what's legit and what isn't.  It isn't easy right now to find a job outside of home , and there's a lot of competition for telecommuting jobs as well. I don't have the money to put into business opportunities, so the only jobs I search for are jobs that have true earning potential - Making just as much as I would doing a similar job in the public.  Everyone has different preferences  and I prefer to work in a call center/office setting.  I have compiled a list of Work At Home jobs that I have found through various sources online . All of the jobs pay hourly and are currently hiring. I have applied at all of them, and have heard back from them all in some form.  The longest turn around time I had for response of any kind from any of them was about a week.  If you are personally looking for work in a different area to do from home, please leave me a comment and I will see what I can find in those lines of work.  If you live in Canada and are reading this, and are looking for work at home, leave me a comment and I will gather some jobs in Canada.

  • Part Time, Seasonal Help 
  • Customer Service/Sales [Inbound ]
  • Hourly Wage - Training paid at your state's minimum wage per hour [12-16 hrs ] then after training: $8 Hr to $11 Hr w/ commission.
  • Work hours available 24/7 , but they DO have a points system 
  • If Interested in hiring, you will have to consent to  a Background check [they pay for]
Hiring Across the USA except in these states :AL,CA,IL,MA,NM,NV,NY,OR,RI,VI & WI.
Get More info, or apply HERE


  • Full Time or Part Time
  • Customer Service Rep [Inbound]
  • Hourly Wage- amount not disclosed.
  • Hiring in All US States
  • Paid Training
I THINK they do require a background and drug test which they pay for[ can't go back to see that info since my application has already been submitted]
Get More info, or apply HERE

Teletech @ Home

  • Part Time for most positions
  • Customer Service Rep [Inbound or Outbound- you make the choice] 
  • Hourly Wage - Varies depending on which company you are working for [ They contract work for Best Buy and other companies]
  • Paid Training
  • Hiring in All US States  [ they do have jobs avail in other countries as well]
  • Require Background Check and Drug Test [ they pay for ]
* I was hired with Teletech several months ago. My computer would not boot up with their software for some reason, so I was not able to continue working. I did however go through a week of training, and was paid for my time in training . All the training is conducted via web and conference calls. You do have to have a USB head set which they will provide BUT you will initially pay for it  out of your check . I think it's 3 payments of $35 , something like that. However, if you ever quit or your job ends, you send back the headset [free of charge] and will be reimbursed for the total price when they get it back.<~~ they did not tell me this until I was in training.

Get more info, or  apply HERE 

 I know there are more jobs hiring , but I can't find them in my bookmarks. As soon as I have the info, I will update you. If you apply to any  please let me know if you hear from them! 

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