Saturday, June 2, 2012

Smiley 360 Mission: Mystery Lotion [Review]

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By being a member you get to be one of the first ones to sample new products, and give your feedback to the companies to help them better improve their products.  I have gotten to do several missions with smiley360. I have gotten behind on my reviews, so decided to start out with the most recent product they sent me that I have tested.This was also the most fun one I've experienced so far.
 This mission was for a "mystery" lotion. They sent me a trial size of an unlabeled  lotion [it did have the ingredients listed on it] . They asked that I test it , then come back and take a quick survey about it, at which time they would unveil it's true identity.
When I first opened the lotion I thought the scent was familiar , but couldn't place it. I tried a little, and at first thought it was going to leave a greasy feel, but I was pleasantly surprised. It soaked in nicely, and left my skin feeling silky smooth . I didn't just use this on my hands, I used it on my legs as well - which tend to be pretty dry., and the rest of my body .I used it continually for a few days straight , and noticed a dramatic difference in my skin. My fiance even commented on how nice and soft my legs felt.

I headed back to to find out what I had tested. To my surprise this is what it was :
Not Only was it the only brand of lotion that I already use, but it is also their newest lotion that I kept trying to win in their latest giveaway, but never did!  What a nice surprise that my  Smiley mission was the New Vaseline total moisture. 
I was given both lotions in return for my review on the product. 
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