Friday, June 1, 2012

Crowd Tap : Old Navy Beach Bum Hosted Party

 I am so excited because I just got my acceptance email to host an Old Navy Beach Bum Party from Crowd Tap 
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 This means I will get to take three of my friends with me to Old Navy to shop for FREE beach accessories using coupons I will be getting. This will be my third Old Navy shopping party since signing up for Crowd Tap , and I've been a member for almost a year now.
What is Crowd Tap ? It's a wonderful website where Brands collaborate with us- the consumers- to get feedback on their products. This includes clothing, laundry detergents, movies - and the list goes on and on.
How do you get selected? Based upon my experience the more "quick hits" [polls] you answer, and the more you share with your friends the better chance you have. 

 What I love about Crowd Tap : They aren't spammy at all. The only emails you get from them are alerts that you have quick hits, discussions or party offers.  You can also redeem your points that are earned from quick hits, signing in, discussions and polls  for gift cards . I  just redeemed mine for a $10 Amazon Gift Card [and I'm already to the halfway point for another one]. 
You can also choose to donate some or all of your virtual points to a charity of your choice. the charity I chose is the Medium

When I first joined Crowd Tap I got kind of discouraged at first because I was applying to host different things and wasn't getting picked. I also was only logging in to the site maybe once a month. Finally I book marked the site , and started checking my email more frequently.  Within a month I got picked to do the Old Navy Outerwear Sample and Share . I got a beautiful wool- blend coat [one for me, and one for my daughter] , an $89 value [each] for FREE . I have been a daily "tapper" ever since.  It's really quick, and really easy - I usually only spend 10-20 mins a day with it , depending on how many discussions I have. 
Also, it isn't just for the females! Guys can sign up too and get the same perks . Right now they have TONS of things going on, including a McCormick Grill Mates Ambassador Party.  
 What are you waiting for? Here is the link to sign up:
 [or click on the word "crowdtap" anywhere in this post]

If you need help or have any questions, feel free to ask me .


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