Sunday, April 28, 2013

Old Navy Style Council - Women's Best Tees Sampling

As A Crowdtap member I have been lucky to become a member of the Old Navy Style Council , which means I frequently get to try out Old Navy clothes for FREE.
 My most recent sample and share was for the Old Navy Women's Best Tees.

The fine print on the coupons stated that I could only choose from the "perfect" or "Vintage" tees.  This did narrow down the options to choose from a bit, but my Old Navy store in Kingsport,TN had a decent assortment of Perfect and Vintage Tees to choose from.  There were several different colors to choose from, in either solids or stripes.

I also received a coupon to give a friend to get two tees of her choosing. This time I wanted to share with my Mom. She was unable to go with me, so the store did allow me to use the second coupon in a separate transaction.

When I arrived at my Local Kingsport Old Navy I walked around the store first to browse and see what choices they had. There was a huge variety of different types of tees, so I knew I would need to be shown the exact ones I could choose from.  I went to the store manager and let him know I was a member of the Style Council and showed him my coupons. Even though we had come in 30 minutes before closing he was more than happy to show me where the Perfect and Vintage tees were, and what all I could choose from. [As is usual for my Style Council visits, I was told my coupons were the only ones they had seen at that store]

If you are wondering what the difference between the Perfect Tee and the Vintage tee are , here ya go- straight from the Old Navy website.
New and Improved Best-Tees
Here are the ones I chose :
(L) Vintage Tee in what I thought was a lavender in the store, but in natural light it looks to be more of a pink. (R) Perfect Henley Tee in Pink

 I got my Mom two of the Vintage Tees, one in the same color as pictured above and one in the color of Cantaloupe. 

What I LOVE about these tees : They are very comfortable. The vintage tees are especially soft . I got the tees in size large, because I expected them to be a tad bit form fitting. 
What I dislike: These tees are made long [I couldn't find petite in the colors and size I chose, but did see it available in other colors and sizes ], so with me being 5ft2 and having a little weight I don't need, they aren't as flattering on me as I would like, so I did not take full length pictures to share with you all, but the following pictures do show how they fit. 

As you can see, this vintage tee  is  a bit on the see-through side, so I would recommend wearing a tank underneath , or at least a white bra [as I clearly did not when first trying this on ]

The Henley tee has a deeper plunging neckline. If I were taller, I think this one would work better on me. The angle is a bit weird here, but I was trying to get the DH to get a better view/more flattering pic of me lol.

My mom is tall- 5ft 7, so these tees naturally fit her differently, and more as they should. I do not have pics of her in her tees to post though, sorry. [She isn't keen on having her photos posted online]

My experience at my store was great as always. The manager and other employees are always super nice and helpful, and seem to get as excited as I am about the coupons.

If you would like to be on the Old Navy Style Council , be sure to sign up to Crowdtap .

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  1. Thanks for the review! My wife really enjoys shopping at Old Navy, so I'll share this with her!