Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Enter to Win $100 Amazon

I found this cool site called Moolala . It is a deals site, but unlike most of the others , they actually had my area listed to get deals from. I live in a very rural area and most other deal sites only list larger cities.   With this site you can make money in various ways. 
  First, you can purchase any of their daily deals .[ 50-90% off retail prices]
  Here are a few that were listed for me :
A Hardback photo book from $10
a $14 6ft peel and stick chalk board
 There are many other things such as a mp3 player for $15 and more!! So how do you make money? By sharing the deals . You will get 2% of ANY purchases  that friends make from your links, as well as their friends that buy from the link, etc ... FOREVER! There is no cap, and you could potentially be earning from hundreds of people [or more].  Here's the cool part:  If YOU buy a daily deal and then you share the deal, you will make even more money if someone else purchases from your link.  It can range anywhere from $5- $20, maybe more- it depends on what the item is.   I think this could be a HUGE way to make some extra money, plus save money on things you have been wanting to buy.   What's even better? Today's free deal is the chance to win $100 Amazon gift card.    Let's make the deal even sweeter. If someone wins the gift card, and it was your link they clicked on- you BOTH win it!!  What are you waiting for? You don't have to buy anything to be entered.

  Let me know what you think about Moolala

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