Sunday, September 2, 2012

Isaac : Our Touch of the storm...

We are getting our Part of Hurricane Isaac right now. This was my sky about 45 mins ago.


I was sitting here working on some web design for a family owned small business that is opening in my area on Monday when I heard a sound like someone was outside. My back door [which I had locked] had been pulled open by the wind. Leaves were blowing everywhere and tree limbs were swaying.

I ran outside and got these pictures.

                      Luckily, my DH got home from work before the weather got bad.

We got high winds [briefly] and  a storm that made me and my DH both scream when the power went out [not loudly].
      The power was only off  long enough for me to light a candle then it came back on.
 Now we are just getting some rain and the skies have lightened up.

   When the tv came back on the news was  talking about the areas Hurricane Isaac had hit really hard. That's when I looked at my DH and said "This is our part of Isaac. Thank God it's not like what some people got." His reply was: "I was just telling Slinky [our hairy child] that Mommy needs to get off the computer and come in here with us, and then the power went off". ... Men!
    Although,  I was on here when he left for work and I am back on here when he got home.
In my defense , It's not my fault he chose to not sleep when he had to be at work early.
[he would have only had 4 hours of sleep since he closed last night and had to  open today]. I slept for 7 hours after he left  while he was working his 10 hour shift today.
    My heart goes out to those along the Gulf who were affected by Hurricane Isaac, and I hope everyone has found safety . I know this had to be devastating on so many levels, and my prayers are with them and their families.
    I am interested to know how this storm has affected my readers. Please leave your comments and photos if you would like to share.

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