Saturday, September 15, 2012

Have you UnJunked your Candy Yet? Unreal Candy Review

 Being a Bzz Agent Member I get to try all kinds of new things. This campaign for Unreal Candies has been one of my favorite . I tried  # 55 which was the chocolate covered peanuts. These were SO good! Tasted just like m&m's ,without all the sugar and other junk. I felt a little guilty when I tried them because I had just started my diet , but I didn't feel as guilty as I would have if I had at some junked up junk food.
 I picked up my candy at my local Walgreen's . I know they have them there and CVS, and will be selling at more stores soon. They are very inexpensive, and so worth trying if you want to have a sweet snack with out all the bad stuff. Next on my list to try is the peanut butter cups.
 To find out more about this product, visit their website at Get Unreal. If you have already tried this, which is your favorite- and what do you think of the unjunked candy?

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