Monday, August 6, 2012

Physician's Formula Fan Frenzy

 I know I posted earlier about Physician's Formula Fan Frenzy, but I want everyone to have a chance at winning this! The winner [1 person only ] will win  TWO  exclusive cosmetic cases filled with the latest makeup and skin care from Physicians Formula!  Here is where I ask for your help . I am currently in 11th place on the leaderboard [ as of  a few mins prior to me typing this]. The person who ends up in first place will win this awesome prize. If you all help Me to win - I will do a giveaway for one of the cosmetic cases. I want you all to have just as much chance to win , so leave your referral links in the comments, and I will return the favor and help you all out too if you need it.
 Click HERE to use my referral, and enter yourself!!