Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Misikko Beauty : My Dream Package

  I took cosmetology in high school and was so lucky to have access to everything wonderful that my skin, hair and nails needed -both from my teacher at school, and Mom . My mother always had the best skin care products, and made sure I had the best products to make me look and feel good.  I used to get up 2 hours early before school just to fix my hair and makeup [that way if I didn't like how it turned out I would have time to start all over again].  It's funny how I took having a good hairdryer w/ diffuser, face creams , lotions and makeup for granted. Naturally, a person doesn't HAVE to have the brands I grew up with [Estee Lauder, Clinique & Elizabeth Arden to name a few]to have beautiful skin or hair .  As life has gone on, and I have gotten older,  I have learned that brands can matter when it comes to beauty and the look of youth.  I'm not at a point in life where I can afford to buy those things much  anymore,no matter the fact that they would be "investments", as my mother would say. For years Mom has given me her sample sizes of Face Creams and Serums. After having two children I  have let myself go just a little more than I intended to.  I still fix my hair, put on makeup and use moisturizer, I just do it all a little cheaper than before, which I have found has made a HUGE difference . I am at that age in life [my 30's] where I feel like I can see every line and wrinkle and that I look older in general. I don't wear much makeup anymore except the L'Oreal Face Bronzer Mom gave me, because  Cover Girl isn't  making me look like Drew Barrymore, and makes my face feel icky. I have super naturally curly hair  that has been SCREAMING for a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment so that the frizz can go away and I can have the tame curls I had as a teenager.  My daughter is now the age I was when  my hair and makeup became so important to me.  She has naturally curly hair as well , even thicker than mine . The cheap hair dryers with diffusers [when I say cheap I mean 20-$30] don't do the trick and break or stop working  pretty quickly.
 I would love to be able to provide her with some good quality necessities she needs to help her look her best, and some to make me feel my best . After all, looking good is feeling good.

 After viewing their website at Misikko.com I think I have finally narrowed down the items I would LOVE to have.   

   First on  the list would be for my daughter and I to share so that we can actually blow dry /style our hair and keep the curls, just not the frizz :

T3 Tourmaline Evolution<br>Hair Dryer<br>Designer Dryer - Click to enlargeT3 Tourmaline EvolutionHair Dryer/Designer Dryer    $194.99                                             

T3 Tourmaline - Diffuser II     T3 Tourmaline - Diffuser II    $24.99

   For Mom because she always loved tanning, but due to health issues cannot get out in the sun or tanning bed.
Quick Tan Tanning Mist by Body Drench

Quick Tan Tanning Mist by Body Drench  $13.99

For us Both . If I could get something that gets rid of the frizz as well as this claims, she might stop damaging her hair by straightening it all the time and wear her beautiful curls
Liquid Keratin Hair Treatment - Click to enlarge

Liquid Keratin Hair Treatment                 $69.00

And finally, Just because I'm curious how well this works :
The Ultimate Model in a Bottle Gift Set - Click to enlarge
The Ultimate Model in a Bottle Gift Set  $34.99

All of these fantastic Goodies  bring my grand total to $337.96. 

The hair dryer and diffuser alone would make our day, the rest would make our year . Not only help this mom feel younger and prettier, but also help my daughter embrace her beauty with products that will truly make it shine , plus I would have a chance to give something to Mom to help make her feel good too.It would make me feel so good to be able to give my daughter some of the "royal beauty treatment" that my Mom gave me when I was her age, and it will help her learn how important good products are for your hair and skin , as well as boost her self confidence I do believe.

Thank You, Misiko Beauty for the chance to get my Dream Package for FREE

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