Saturday, June 30, 2012

Have you Tapped IN today?

Saturday is the day I love to tap into Crowdtap. It's usually the day that I can get some extra quiet time where I can catch up on my discussions and completing reports on my actions that are due.
For whatever reason , which I am definitely not complaining about, by Saturday it is like my step son finally needs a break from me too, and doesn't need me to come watch him while he plays, every 5 minutes.  I take full advantage of those times, and will let him play his video games all he wants while I catch up on my reviews and other things that require me to actually think. Don't worry, we do take breaks for snacks and meals .

Saturdays are also great for Crowdtapping because chances are you have missed logging in within the past couples days, and there are usually a few quickhits to do, as well as new webshares and reports to complete and discussions to catch up on. Since Sundays are usually slow on Crowdtap, I catch up on Saturday, and don't worry about it on Sunday, unless I have an email from them that there is something new to do.
If you haven't signed up for crowdtap yet, you can use the picture below to sign up.
If you aren't yet  convinced that you should sign up for Crowdtap, watch for a post coming up in a bit about my Old Navy Beach Bum Party, where I got $40 worth of Old Navy Accessories for FREE
Till Then, Stay Cool and Try to Beat the Heat  [It's 102° here right now ]


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