Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What is Gluten Free Anyways?: A Red Apple Lipstick ❦ Review

"A gluten-free diet is a return to foods that are good for you", says Shannon Rentz, RD, LD, adult clinical outpatient dietitian at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland.
I am getting excited because my newest discovery- and one I'm most proud of - is Gluten Free Makeup . The first thing I discovered was lipstick.  I stumbled across a giveaway within my first months  of  having Family Freebies . It was an interactive one asking for Name ideas of their newest line of Red Apple Lipstick(s ). [I'm sorry, I don't remember how I discovered them ]

 Red Apple was having a "Name that Lipstick Contest"for thei Summer Passion Line . I remember I got so excited , [ What woman doesn't want FREE lipstick? ] and the color they had posted was a pretty pinkish- red, like the Strawberry Daiquiri I was drinking, so that was my name suggestion . I was picked as a winner, but the Grand Prize Winner [ my name is not the new Lipsticks color! } was Boy' n Berries™ .  I still got to pick a FULL - SIZE lipstick for any color from the New  Summer Passion Line ,and  I got the Boy 'n Berries™
This is a Very pretty color. At first I thought it was a little too light for me , but I realized it looked really good , and it was pretty cool to be picked to get it for FREE, without my made -up  name being picked. 
 Thanks, Red Apple Lipstick 
This lipstick not only lasted for hours on my lips, with just enough shine , but moisturized too ! The lipstick is what started my [tryin' to be] Gluten-Free Life
 Keep a watch on the Red Apple Lipstick Page for your chance to name their new eyeshadow!! 
That includes a chance to win the newly named eye shade for FREE



  1. Awww Tammy!!!! Thank you so much for this wonderful review!!! And we are super happy you are enjoying your Boy N Berries Lipstick!!

  2. Congrats! Love that you are happy with your new (awesome) lip stick-it looks GREAT on you!

  3. Tammy Smith [that's me] sent you. I would love to replace my broken Lipstick, and I know you would love their Gluten-Free Cosmetics!
    tHANK yOU,